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  1. Boy this may upset some folks who bought tickets thinking Seoul was the last show ....
  2. Also had Red Zone but can't complete purchase because it does not recognize the only possible delivery method. Now saying my code is invalid.
  3. I just saw Singapore listed on Live Nation Asia site for November 30 with fan club presale starting June 17 at 10 am local time. I hope it's true.
  4. Same issues trying for any NY shows. Code works, but TM freezes up or the antibot program doesn't recognize me as human, or I finally pull up a GA, the entire screen has a shadow over it and I can't hit the pay button so I am timed out of the purchase. Try again and the code is not recognized. Times it by 70 minutes and you end up with nothing. It's an incredibly poor performance by TM ....again.
  5. The Zootopian team for Honolulu's MS Walk in April 2006 came about after we received news of the U2 concert's postponement. Many Zootopians decided to go to Honolulu anyway and we used what would have been our GA line time to raise money to fight multiple sclerosis. Lots of great people from the board are in the photo. Recognize anyone?
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