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  1. Will i get a ban next as well for complaining? to go along with my warning? Can you people not understand our frustration? Complain = get a warning. what a rip.
  2. It clearly states when you buy a membership that tickets are not guaranteed. This is one of the highest demand shows. Thanks for pointing that out it really helps, I am assuming by your high horse attitude that you already have your tickets?
  3. keep trying, just pulled up this very minute took 30 seconds from u2.com link Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 09.27.01.png Well thats just great for redhill members isnt it, are you just rubbing salt in the wound??
  4. Not that anyone gives a sh*te on here, but its a rip off if we dont get pre sale tix. Nothing in wires, must be punishment for letting my subscription lapse
  5. went via U2 link NO TICKETS AVAILABLE in any section in Croke park. getting annoyed and frustrated now, fed up being conned thi s is the 3rd time
  6. The presale is open for days but sells out in minutes wtf?
  7. getting the same, the usual farce just to get people to subscribe to U2, why do we put ourselves through this crap every time?
  8. I don't care what they open with, as long as I am there.
  9. Am I gonna get in trouble? Looking for 2 for Dublin, anything considered. I just thought that I would put it out there nice and early, If I am successful in the general sale I will post here. Thanks.
  10. Same here with the subscription I let it lapse, now I am a wire.
  11. where does it say wires or redhill? I cannot find either in my account info, I do have my presale code though, Thanks. Its ok I found it thanks.
  12. They will be burning their records in the street next, thankfully Bono isn't bigger than Jesus. unless he is wearing high heels.
  13. What would U2 writing a song about the scum that is ISIS achieve? it would just give them more global coverage, your idea in my mind is ridiculous. Write some songs about Kim Jong-un and when you are rid of him come back.
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