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  1. Got kickt out within seconds on the presale for GA's in Vegas Denied my credit card as a reason ... Tried for behind the stage and got 1 .. First time ever that i Can't use my U2 fan club code to score GA's(benn apaid subscriber since propaganda) This is indeed a very sad day for U2 fans.. Won't re-up my subsciption next Year ... Will get tickets on secondary market I guess... Thanks U2 !
  2. Funny on how if you go on the tmobile arena page you can aready get GAs for an inflated price.... Wonder how they do it? See the link... http://tmobilearena.box-officetickets.com/Events/Rock-Tickets/U2/2513284
  3. Looks like they fixed the bug , I was able to get 2 Ga's for Chicago after securing 2 for Vancouver... Or the scalpers got what they wanted and now they let us in
  4. I tried firefox google 2 differents phones... No luck! Meanwhile anywhere else you can still get GA's except Dublin...
  5. talked to TM Rep, after trying to explain to him that there is no way they sold out all the GA's at 9.01 AM GA are sold out because Chicago is a big city and everybody wants to go there.. Not kidding... that was his answer... According to the dude, the page has no issues...
  6. How is it that you can get GA's just about anywhere but not in Chicago???
  7. Same here, even tried best available...No luck!!!! Seems like they have issues in Chicago... Tried other venues and no troubles...
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