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  1. Hi all, looking for some magic here. Does anyone have two spare tickets for either LA show? Trying to make a friend's Year by sending him to the show with his daughter. Thanks!! ryan
  2. So the stadium is handing out official wristbands?? Or are those still being managed by the fans? And was there a soubdcheck last night??
  3. Nope. Venues are not providing numbers. The fan community is managing this, but there are no in-and-out priveleges. If you aren't in line by today's check in time (7am) you don't get a number. Plan on arriving as early as you can and staying in line until doors open.
  4. GA lineup had been extremely well managed. We are all staged indoors next to SafeCo field. Ready to go!
  5. The GA line in Vancouver was nuts. They started staging folks beyond the security checkpoint before doors opened, but there wasn't much space and it was overall pretty ineffective. It took nearly 2 hours to get in (after doors opened) from our spot at the second set of switchbacks. Anyone know if CenturyLink will be handing out official numbers/wrist bands for the GA queue? Many venues did this last tour and it was great.
  6. Most expensive per-song cost of any show in U2 history! $67 per song.... But worth every dime.
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