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  1. why can't i buy a ticket for Philly 2 show? I only use 1 purchase for Philly 1. . I am entitled a 2 ticket limit and you taking my other ticket away. This is bull crap. I want a refund for my membership
  2. Well to me U2 don't need these huge stage settings. They could just stripe the stage down as they did years ago. Go back to great music they made years ago. Go back to the format that made them. This would cut down some of the high ticket prices. I don't want to hear the excuses of the staging, the hauling the staging from city to city. That is no excuse. They didnt start their careers out that way. Just so sick of high prices, and the huge arse staging in which they dont need.
  3. your forgot to add the crazy fees on tickets!! mine started out 76.00 by the time it got in the card 104.00 wtf.
  4. for the Philadelphia show I kept pulling up Limited View section 107 Was horrible took me a half hour to get something decent. If U2 would stop doing the fancy staging there would be no limited view. The band needs to go back to its roots and stop being so fancy. This is costing us $$$$$
  5. Why can't U2 just put how much tickets are on all levels?. I don't like being shocked. I wont pay for REDZONE. I want regular seat tickets so i can enjoy the show not stand out for hours waiting to get a spot on the floor. I have a bad back and that is a lot of work.
  6. I love Keith Urban! Took him 3 years to make the upcoming cd but at least he tours. So far from some of the clips of the new cd I have heard, really really good
  7. Is the cd even done yet? if not be Nov 2014 lol Seriously U2 can at least update us a little.
  8. I want to see tours indoor venues and stripped down. Kind of like Elevation Tour
  9. Pretty confused with this thread. Need to run and hide now and continue to lurk. lol
  10. What inspires me. People who are creative and have Passion. Also who are true to themselves. Bono is on of them of course. Hes got a heart of gold. His work for Africa continues to amaze me.
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