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    UF and Achtung and now SOI
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    I thought they were all in relationships;)
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    Wembley 09, O2 15
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    heh heh a hotel room listening to Edge next door to me and what sounded like Adam on his bass a few doors down, then meeting Edge and later Bono. Larry and Adam escaped but I'm hoping to get the full set one day! BOOM CHA!!
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    Mr Sexico floats my boat (bath?)!
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    Snow Patrol, Elbow, The Police

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  1. How do u get round the credit card I.d criteria when selling/swapping tix please? Is it just a case of take your chances?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. utwothefly


      UK will be different have to go in with original buyer.

    3. Stokie


      In Boston,in GA

      they swiped your credit card

    4. Anjana


      Thanx. How are people swapping and selling if buyer can't make it to gig?!

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