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  1. Bad on UF remastered, got the box set today as a gift for my birthday, was given the original on vinyl 25 years ago today from my best friend at school! still brilliant. I'm not sleeping....
  2. Really pleased to hear you may be going to the show tonight, enjoy. Ax
  3. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about your dad, my deepest condolences to you and your family, like you say he is no longer suffering and is at peace, my thoughts are with you. Ax
  4. I'm in the UK and have been trying to find a way to buy them for ages, I want the "INSPI(RED)" tshirt and some other products but no joy so far I'm afraid, sorry.
  5. I was too busy watching him bang away at those drums, the man is well fit! I've posted a couple of photies on my profile page (I'm having a few problems with it so hope they show up), you can see the side view and a zoomed in blurry one when he took to the stage for Breathe (I was screaming a lot at that point!), sorry they're not very clear we had quite a basic camera, next time I'll take a zoom lens and of course be closer to him heh heh!
  6. I have no complaint about Larry being in view the whole time except when he went walkabout during Crazy!
  7. Sorry to be the party pooper but tried the Live Nation VIP experience -not impressed. Glad we tried it, there were positives - no queues to get in, reception & food ok,nice toilets! Met some brill U2 fans who were great fun to sing & jumparound with & that really made our night. Negatives - no backstage access on this package, unhelpfulstaff, Live Nation staff nowhereto be found easily, the queues forthe U2 gift bag were huge and the gift bag itself was well...hmmm...what can I saywithout being rude. The 'free exclusive U2 laminate' was just the VIP areaaccess card you hung arou
  8. A brave decision for you and your family, my thoughts go out to you. Obviously do what's right for you and yours but for what it's worth I'd say goto the Tampa show if you feel able, for me I find U2 songs can conjure up so many emotions in me that I cannot express in words whether it be joy or sadness,happiness or tears, it's an affinity I can't explain but sometimes it's cathartic and among thousands of people somehow you all become one in themoment. Celebrate your father's life, sing for him, sing to him, sing for what he means to you, sing it out loud for yourself and to and with everyonea
  9. Anjana

    Meeting U2

    I met Edge and Bono as they left their hotel for the Wembley gigs, they left about 2.30 to 3pm, not sure what time they arrived at the venues though.
  10. So glad to hear the situation has improved, really encouraging news. Stay positive. We will keep the faith this end! Axx
  11. I will continue sending positive thoughts, I have been thinking about you since I read your post, I hope you make it there speedily... keep posting if it helpsin any way, safe journey to you xx
  12. Just read this, I really feel for you, you must be going out of your mind, a few years ago both my parents were in hospital one hooked to cardiology monitorshaving had a massive heart attack, the other in the Emergency ward, I was hours away and so desperate just to get there, I have never felt so lost and alone.Try and stay positive, I prayed and prayed by the bedside and thankfully both mine pulled through. Take care, be strong for them. Axx
  13. hmmm don't know but it was quite an open area at Wembley so don't think anyone would notice if you moved nearer to the pit but doubt you could get intothe inner circle from there. The RED Zone did look a good area to be in, only thing is you won't be looking head on at the band like being right in frontof them in the inner circle, you are at the side...worth trying out tho' methinks. Next time (and there will be a next time!!) I will be trying for RedZone tickets, at least some of the money goes to 'charideee' so something to feel good about....as if we don't have enough feelgood already!!
  14. Hi Mollison, Red zone, lucky you!! I didn't manage to get in the Red Zone at Wembley but was close to it and it was very near to the stage, the zones areon each side of the stage, on the Edge (excuse pun) of the 'outer' circle next to the walkway, it's a really good view and all members of the bandwill walk past you close by, even Larry with his bongo during Crazy, so get your camera ready!! Have a great time.
  15. Anjana

    U2IE live

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