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  1. Can't see it but can hear it:) Should someone tell them these aren't songs from JT?
  2. Looks good:) Just a readability observation, a white font against a light grey background (eg tab highlight) are straining these old eyes of mine especially on my mini iPad where the screen size is smaller.
  3. I'm treating the JT tour as a warm up for the real thing;)
  4. Who cares, U2 are touring, i get to see them again, I love them, 40 years on and still going strong, no complaints, no debate, it's Quite simple, I'm going and I'm going to sing my heart out. U2 joy, nothing like it:D Enjoy it while we still have it
  5. Also going Mike:) Advance treat for a milestone birthday in Nov! Anj! Happy 21st! Ha ha ha you too
  6. Also going Mike:) Advance treat for a milestone birthday in Nov!
  7. Should anyone wish to listen to the snippet https://soundcloud.com/paul-334288723/chris-evans-on-soe
  8. Season's greetings Zootops! Your annual Xmas thread is back with a slightly irreverent photie to start the mirrorball rolling! Please add your messages and pics etc. Merry Christmas n all the best for a happy 2017:)
  9. Anjana

    All I want for Christmas is

    Songs for Santa
  10. I can picture U2 as fairies!! Can they be quiet fairies...we'll have to see! I think it may get loud when they!re about!!
  11. I'm a light sleeper so if they try n sneak anything under my pillow they won't be getting away... Could they sneak Laryy under my pillow while they're there please...
  12. Story at: http://www.atu2.com
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