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  1. It would also be nice if you could download onto your phone. Have'nt burned a CD in years and its not very practical to bring my desktop into my car.
  2. Nope, nothing. Only received a code for LV even though I'm registered for LV, LA and SJ. I think that AXS is a problem too.
  3. I participated in all of the pre-sale and sale opportunitys, Experience, Innocence, Citi and VF for not only Las Vegas but for LA and SJ as well and have not been able to secure even ONE GA for any of those shows. Feeling gutted at this point and not really interested in participating any further, the stress and frustration is just not worth it. Not being able to wrap my head around why there are not enough GAs for fans and that the seats offered are only on the ends or way up in the rafters, why do they hold back certain sections?
  4. I Agree, really had my hopes up this morning.
  5. Just received a very odd voicemail from TM, on the voicemail it says to call 855-867-5297 if I'm still interested in tickets, I call and it goes to U2.com and of course nobody there can figure out why TM would be giving out and directing people to call there?

    The message wont voice to text but I can send it to you via text or email.




    1. romanorton


      I got a similar call!!  Not sure how they got my number!  It came through as an unknown number on my phone - I typically don't answer those numbers, but I decided to answer this one.  Bigwave - I'm happy to email you what the conversation was, for some reason my ability to email you through here has been turned off though.  

    2. bedoe69


      My message is a voicemail from an unknown number and it wont voice to text so I cant print/email it. I can forward it to another phone via message however.


  6. This is just too much, the stress of all the presale issues is just not worth it anymore. I have been doing this a very long time, (including the 2005 mess) and every tour it seems to get worse! Codes at the last minute, invalid codes, no GAs and when we did decide to bite the bullet and pay up for seats in LV the AXS site wont let you complete your purchase. So those of yo who somehow managed to get tickets I applaud you and will miss the many friends I have made over the years that I look forward to seeing at the live shows.
  7. I got a green light without re upping? All i had to do was authorize my phone to accept SMS messages. Am I not going to get that text from TM now? Super frustrating as I have not yet forgotten what it took to get JT30 tickets last year.
  8. I think that someone needs to look into the legality of TM "flipping" tickets on their sister site as the sale is going on and at hugely inflated prices. They have figured out a way to really screw fans who are desperate and will out of frustration pay the money to ensure they will get to see the band that we all love so much. This is the last one for me, I too have been doing this for a long time but this is that last straw for me. No more subscriptions, no more of the presale game, no more TM bullshit!
  9. ^^^ well said, I have a hard time expressing myself but what about the "resale" tickets that are on there too? This whole experience has left me very disappointed and it really looks like TM is just fucking everyone over on this.
  10. If you have tried that, different browsers, the app, etc, you may want to try calling Ticketmaster and ordering over the phone. Yea I tried calling them at the first sign of a problem and they told me that it was an internet only presale and there is nothing they can do.
  11. I started getting it at 2:30 yesterday, others were still buying well past that time.
  12. Yes, you can. Thanks very much I cant, I get a message, "Were sorry, there are no more tickets available for this promotion" I was able to get two GAs for Seattle then wanted to get two seats (I broke a vertebrae in my lower back this summer and not sure if I will be able to stand that long) but cannot get back in. Tried cleaning out and rebooting but nothing changes and it doesn't care about what venue I'm looking at either.
  13. "We're sorry, there are no more tickets available for this promotion." Pretty hard to "keep trying" as others have said on here when you get a message like that from the TM website. Anyone else? Is there a cut off time for the presale?
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