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  1. Hello all -- I have one GA for sale -- Collector's Ticket -- for the second show in Paris, July 26. The price I'm asking is 50 euros, way below face value. I will be attending both shows, so we can meet up at the stadium. Patrick M.
  2. I believe that the two pitches refer only to different entries to the stadium. Since the tickets have the same price, it doesn't make sense that GA will have a strict division like that. It might be a barrier for safety reasons, not to crush people in FOS, but I guess it's a first come, first served basis, like every other GA concert, including PopMart, Vertigo, 360 and so on... Of course, having an official word on it before the second concert goes on sale woule be brilliant.
  3. Yes, I still have it. But, just to be clear, it's only one ticket on the 305 Section -- I have one front row ticket on Sec. 305 and one front row ticket on Sec. 329. Are you interested?
  4. Folks -- I managed to upgrade my seats, so I am selling two tickets for Chicago 3 for face value. Both are front row seats on these sections: 305/329. I ask USD 75 for each ticket. Patrick M.
  5. That's the million dollar question. And yet they don't know the answer with less than 15 hours to go...
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