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  1. My wife has received the same message, and she's just received her copy!! re-subscribe and receive THE SAME GIFT???? IT'S A JOKE!!!. And I still have not received my copy....... More professionals an less beer
  2. my copy also was split. Maybe it's a waste of time and money sending the copy for a refund if all copies have the same issue!
  3. the same with my copy. annoying!
  4. Hi I've got GA for Dublin 10. Two tickets are section GA1 and other two tickets are GA2 section. Does it mean me and friends are separated?? Are there two sections and you cannot choose the side? someone who attended GA this week please confirm thank U
  5. I had a nice experience with that. When you received Propaganda magazine, there was a flyier with the tour and you had to sign your prefered cities. I choose Elevation Torino 2001 and Barcelona. I was in the italian tent table outside the stadium, I show my ID..., my credit card..and then they say my credit card is not necessary... I ask why, because it was not charged before the show, and they say me that's an invitation!! So what?? they told me I was a huge fan since the Propaganda beginning and they knew I'd attended many shows with Propaganda system , and organization had decided to invite some few fans that came abroad.. incredible!! isn't it? now, 'Stranger things' are happening with fans...
  6. I surrender. Tryin' to find 'normal' tix for NY but no chance. No US tour this time.
  7. 'Offer code is incorrect for this seat. Please double-check your offer code/password and try again!' And now...the Experience codes are useless...
  8. now it changes alot. no tix right now for MSG
  9. No GA's or RZ's. Maybe I'm a snob, but I won´t see U2 with any VIP package or in a 300 bucks balcony!! I only enyoy in a GA I don´t need the special tour lanyard and gift. I just want to see U2!!!! no GA's for fanclub subscribers?? Please, RESPECT the fans. It's your main asset
  10. What's the time remaining for presale? a little bit confusion here in Spain
  11. Question: I suppose more GA's and RZ's are released tomorrow for Innocence presale? also for Experience codes?
  12. [MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS TO SECOND MARKET/AUCTION SITES. THANKS] tryin' to find a couple RZ's for MSG, fighting with 'verified scalpers', and I find this....
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