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  1. Ticketmaster DMed me a code 3.5 hours after the on-sale. Thanks, guess I'll try for next announced dates...
  2. I was with Keith too, but now I'm just with Veritas - no communication. This is beyond ridiculous. This company and this band have a lot of GD nerve.
  3. I'm in the almost exact situation as you are, except I didn't renew until the night before the tour announcement. I kept getting those emails too and I finally heard back from support and they said I was good to go for this presale. I did get put in the Innocence group, as I'm sure you did too if you had a lapse.
  4. I keep getting emails saying I'm not eligible for a presale code - my subscription did lapse this year but I renewed the night before the tour announcement. I did all the verification and my profile says I'm good. I've already paid and renewed. Why do they keep sending me emails that I'm not going to be eligible? Why does every presale have something dumb and easily avoidable happen?
  5. I was there for this too. The Soldier Field employees were rude, unaccommodating and were even swearing at people (!) to leave. Have a backup plan, just in case!
  6. It looks like I will have 1 GA for 6/29. No phone no's, please use PM - mods
  7. I can't think of a reason why they'd do that, but you never know. It'd be more likely that they were spotted at someone else's concert on a off day. They don't "owe" Chicago a make-up show like LA.
  8. There were 6 dates reserved originally, so that 6th show that never happened could have been a Friday or Saturday.
  9. This is ridiculous. Tickets that I bought thinking they were at one end of the arena are now at behind the stage. How is that not dishonest? Or irresponsible at best?
  10. 1. It's not that far from downtown. I guess it depends on if you want to pay the $23 for parking and deal with traffic or not. Leaving the UC is kind of annoying if you don't pick the right lot. 2. I've seen plenty of cabs but never had to take one. I actually got caught in the caravan in the last tour. We left as Moment of Surrender was starting and by the time we made it out of the lots, several black SUVs with police escorts were honking at us to get out of the way.
  11. The NHL may throw a monkey wrench into that though. Playoffs could go through late June and Hawks will be in contention for playoffs- maybe not finals- they may have to wait till playoff picture is better before United will open up days? They go through mid June. The first show isn't until the end of June. They are fine.
  12. I let my subscription lapse for a week last month and have been paid up for the last 14 years. I'm in the second group now. I was paid up on 9/9. There has to be a better system than this.
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