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  1. 39 minutes ago, Keith2 said:

    I honestly have no idea how I'm supposed to get tickets today.  I am in the iNNOCENCE group and the site says our presale starts in 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I haven't gotten any texts with any codes or links (double-checked my cell number on my profile page) and haven't gotten any emails regarding tickets either.

    The forum just directs me to http://www.u2.com/help and the phone number listed there is busy.



    36 minutes ago, Veritastheviper said:

    Keith2.  I'm with you.  No nothing... very sad. (But not as sad as my daughter, she's upside down right now)


    I was with Keith too, but now I'm just with Veritas - no communication. This is beyond ridiculous. This company and this band have a lot of GD nerve.

  2. 21 hours ago, BonoIsMyMuse said:

    Before I call Fanfire about this, could somebody answer my question here? 

    As part of my 2016 membership, I bought 2 tickets in the presale for the first American leg of the JT tour, in December 2016. My membership expired in April 2017, and I had to let it lapse a few weeks while I waited to get paid. I resubscribed near the end of May 2017. I've gone through the verification steps and have the "setup complete" message on my account info page, but twice in the last week I've gotten an email saying I need to renew. I can't find any information verifying that on my account page. Others have said that renewal was part of their setup process and that they didn't get setup complete until they renewed.

    I contacted customer service via email and was told "Subscribers that purchased one of the 2017 JT membership offers AND have NOT used their Presale access code to purchase tickets to the JT tour will be eligible for access in the upcoming Presale."  I used my 2016 presale code but didn't buy any tickets through a presale since I renewed. 

    Do I need to renew? It's so immensely frustrating how vague and unclear the communication from U2.com has been about this. Thanks to anyone who can help.

    I'm in the almost exact situation as you are, except I didn't renew until the night before the tour announcement. I kept getting those emails too and I finally heard back from support and they said I was good to go for this presale. I did get put in the Innocence group, as I'm sure you did too if you had a lapse.

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  3. I keep getting emails saying I'm not eligible for a presale code - my subscription did lapse this year but I renewed the night before the tour announcement. I did all the verification and my profile says I'm good.

    I've already paid and renewed. Why do they keep sending me emails that I'm not going to be eligible?


    Why does every presale have something dumb and easily avoidable happen?

  4. u2dave110862 wrote:

    Soldier Field is not in a part of town that you would want to spend the night in, the cops have a hard enough time just keeping the streets safe without having extra people lining up overnight for an event, I highly doubt that they are going to allow overnight camping but as previously stated you can call soldier field and find out.

    This is just silly. Soldier Field is on the museum campus, as safe of a place as any. You won't be able to camp out overnight though.

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