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  1. This was exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you! We'll be in DC, and I know the area pretty well, so we should be able to get food close by. I just wanted to make sure that we could actually step away to do so. We really just want the experience of hanging out with other fans and meeting people. A slightly better spot on the floor is a bonus.
  2. I'm sure that this question has been asked and answered at some point in the past, but I haven't been able to find the information I want. I've done GA before, but have never queued. And yeah, I know that I don't need to stand in line for this tour, but my friend and I have decided to do it just for the experience. That being said, we're not looking to get on the fan-based list or to line up first thing the morning of the show. If we show up around noon to 2pm-ish and get in line, are we in line for the duration or will we be able to leave at some point to go get something to eat? Or should we plan on bringing food with us? We're just trying to work out the logistics and need some good info! Any suggestions or insight? Thanks!
  3. I had the same thing happen to me. I sent Ticketmaster an email asking them to look into it, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for an answer.
  4. I was able to purchase 2 GA tickets to DC without any problem yesterday. I went in at 10am and had my purchase completed by 10:03. I used the IE browser on my computer. Maybe try again today when the Innocence presale starts.
  5. We were in the RZ last night in DC. We were at the top of the tree, and yes, the boom is in the way. I wouldn't say that it was in the way for the whole show, but it was a nuisance at times. Most of the RZ moved when the band was on the main stage, so we were able to position ourselves such that it wasn't really an issue (and then moved back to top of the tree at the end of the JT album). I have to say that it didn't really bother me that much. As an aside, we went into the stadium at about the same time that the Lumineers started playing and only had about 4 people between us and the stage.
  6. Having been to FedEx for Redskins games, I don't think that the Red Zone parking lot is meant for only those holding RZ tickets. Red Zone is actually the name of that lot all year long. I'm sure that it will be open for GA ticket holders also.
  7. Thanks for your response, evilgenius.I also sent an email to FedEx Field last Monday, but never heard back from them. We're not planning on arriving super early - probably not until 2 - 3pm or even a little later - but it would be nice to know what the parking situation is before we get there. I've been to a lot of shows at FedEx and don't ever recall the parking details being such an issue before, but maybe that's because I was never planning on arriving prior to 3pm for any other show. Since they were selling parking passes in advance, you would think that there would be more info available (like if you need a pass for the lot(s) opening prior to 3pm, etc). If I get any further information, I'll be sure to pass it along.
  8. Does anybody have any updated parking lot information for FedEx Field? I called yesterday and confirmed that there will be cash lots open on the day of the show. I've never ordered a parking pass in the past, so figured why start now?? In any case, I was told that the Green lot would be cash, but that none of the lots will open until 3pm. I find that to be highly improbable, as I'm sure that there will be many people in the GA line long before 3pm. The person I spoke to was very pleasant, but informed me that they will not be allowing a GA line to form prior to parking lots opening at 3. Again, highly improbable. I'm sure that there must be at least one lot opening before 3pm, but wondering if it will be a cash lot.
  9. Absolutely the easiest presale ever! I got 2 Red Zone tickets for DC. I did have to try 2 or 3 times, but it still only took about 5 minutes. I had my son on his laptop searching best available, and he pulled 2 lower level (2nd row) seats on Edge's side of the stage (threw those back and took the RZ tickets!). Quick, easy, and good seats offered right away. So happy!
  10. I've never posted before, but I I've followed a lot of the boards - particularly the ones regarding the side/rear seating. I chose my seats during the presale and had a pretty good idea of where they were; however, I do admit that I had some concerns after reading comments. I was at MSG last night - section 110, row 8, seats 13 & 14 - so closer to 111. I thought that the seats were awesome and the people around us seemed pleased as well. We were really close to the action on the main stage, and yes, we were sometimes looking at the bands' backs and sides, but they frequently turned around to recognize those of us on the sides and in the back. More than once, Bono came up on the risers and was just feet away from us. When they were on the B (or e) stage, they tended to face us, so that was not an issue either. We had a great view of the screen too, so we got the whole experience. I would absolutely choose those tickets again. Wish I could post s picture for those with concerns, but haven't figured that out yet.
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