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  1. My guess is guys that just like the last tour some of membership fans may be selling tickets. I hope I am wrong but how else are they available if we have only had fan presales so far.
  2. I do agree with Carol on 1 point in that I think the residents are more annoyed with the GAA than with U2 (and do welcome the concerts) but unfortunately allthat will be reported all over the world is that they delayed the stage going to sweden for next shows and as they missed the 7am ferry the shows in swedencould now be delayed/jeopardised. The residents are quoted here as saying they would not disrupt the stage and equipment removal. But they have. I haveevery sympathy for their plight but they have hit out at the wrong parties in this case and U2 could decide not to play dublin again.
  3. hi there i seem to have a simialar problem uit is asking me to confirm an email address but the email address is already in my profile. Let me know if ye guysget working have sent enaiil to them some 5 hours ago now. Mary
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