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    1. pain_18_


      Is that the REAL Full Band version or someone added the band on a computer program ?

    2. pain_18_




      This is a full band version made by Jakob Saltell, a Swedish U2 fan and musician. The original acoustic version was performed by Bono and The Edge in Turin, Italy, 6 August 2010.

      More music by Jakob Saltell: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unsu...




    3. pain_18_


      Sadly it's the fake full band version...But I love the song, man !

  1. Get out your own way

  2. ...I know I hurt you and I made you cry, Did everything but murder you and I...

    1. joshthetree


      But love left a window in the skies

  3. "...I know I hurt you and I made you cry, Did everything but murder you and I..."

  4. @u2 T Shirts rule

  5. 1. Invisible (Single, Deluxe Songs of Innocence) 2. New Year’s Day (War) 3. 11 O’clock (Tick, Tock) (U2 Live: Under A Blood Red Sky) 4. All I Want is You/ Where the Streets have no name (U2 Go Home, Live from Slane Castle) (Rattle & Hum, The Joshua Tree) 5. Pride in the Name of Love (Single Version) (The Unforgettable Fire, Single) 6. Bad (Live Aid) (The Unforgettable Fire) 7. The Fly (Achtung Baby) 8. The Sweetest Thing (Original B-side Where the Streets have no name) (The Joshua Tree) 9...

  6. 16,181,327 (+ me) people like U2 gone up by nearly 2 million since June 2013

  7. 5 .. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1 show time in 12 hours woohoo London Calling

  8. 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ....

  9. 80s or 90s or 00s U2???

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    2. pain_18_


      *POP* for ever !

    3. Alcon


      !2000 s for me ,360 still amazing ! Mind u I travelled to some great countries by coach with other fans back in the day

    4. electricco


      i wish i was the 80's ... the 90's were just incredible ... elevetion2001 and all the 360 shows too ....... huh i don't know

  10. All the classes were numbered 1 to 6 and lettered D-U-B-L-I-N. Hence, when the band first got together in second year of secondary school, their classroom was called U-2!

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    2. joshthetree


      U2 by U2 fab book wonder if theyll update it soon? Needs last 2 or 3 albums including now

    3. joshthetree


      Hello fellow uber-fans

    4. stanley14


      Hello Josh. Happy new year :)

  11. And you can go, go, go, go! snake snake!

  12. Bono your new hair cut is cool!

    1. xtraspicy62


      send me the link to the photos?

  13. Breathe front page version is great .... nice download opportunity

  14. Can't wait for some new U2 material!

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