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  1. I did Red Zone in London and really liked the experience would do it again
  2. Ooops its Friday and nearly #U240 so lets have a little more
  3. I'll be at a local arts workshop on Sunday where I'm sure I can get someone to play a U2 song or three. And I will be rocking my IETour T-shirt - hopefully I can upload a photo to the gallery on here. Let's fill the Zoo with U2 T-shirt pics! Cool that sounds great ... yes please post any tshirt day pix .... Here if poss ... Thanks http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/33792-u2-world-tshirt-day/
  4. I'm a U2 shirt addict too ... for more than 30 years I used to have this one but washed it and it shrunk from XL to XS Another favourite which the dog shredded was bullet the blue sky which said 'I can see those fighter planes' on the front and this on the back print
  5. Nice mug I use the Joshua Tree one Just noticed they have some nice new retro shirts in the U2.com shop too, there's one or two hidden in there
  6. They're greaaatt! Thanks for posting really like the PoP one that's really cool
  7. Hey electricco,great pictures thanks for posting them. Really nice collection you've got there
  8. Amazing album and art ... love it ... you have real talent
  9. I've tried tweeting this event but not very social media savy. So if anyone could help please that would be nice .... thanks
  10. joshthetree

    For Bono

    From the album: ewe too

    John Lennon neon sign. Wonder if it was the one from the actual album cover

    © me me me

  11. I really like that song ... so mine tune of the day too
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