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  1. From the album: ewe too

    Souvenir from Glasgow
  2. Great picture, love it. Glasgow was brilliant
  3. From the album: ewe too

    Joshua Tree graphic at the end of 'Where the Street have No Name', U2 Innocence+Experience Tour, Glasgow

    © U2 and joshthetree 2015

  4. really cool ... nice pictures ... the stuff of legend
  5. Thanks very much for your help bigwave, got an email yesterday. *wonder what's on the horizon for the next resub ' gift'*
  6. joshthetree


    Wonder if Songs of Ascent will turn up after Songs of experience in September 2016? Soon is a good tune, really like it
  7. They came out quite a few years ago on bootleg VHS and then DVD. One day perhaps they'll do a remaster or reissue of Rattle and Hum and include a good quality set of these out-takes .... but somehow I doubt it. My favourite out-take is 'The Sweetest Thing (demo)' on YouTube google it .... great
  8. joshthetree


    Thatd make a good cd cover
  9. joshthetree


    Great photos ... thanks for uploading them
  10. Great article thanks for posting it. I enjoyed reading that, really great pictures too. Cheers again. Anymore links to the first part? Thanks
  11. Jim and Charlie came out to play in Glasgow U2 show 2015
  12. I think the Innocence + Experience Tour is U2's greatest =0)

    1. sazshackle


      me too, best tour ever.

    2. joshthetree


      I love the fact that the band is so close to and involving so many fans. Also the song selection is great and the band are on top form

    3. joshthetree


      Im celebed out saw/stood next to Noel Gallagher, Bob Geldoff, Chris Martin and Mrs Bono. No selfies? ... nah that would have been so uncool

  13. Hiya, I think its meant to be there. Well worth the queue if it is, the virtual reality experience is amazing
  14. Dear Bigwave and U2.com, My subscription expires within 20 days. I want to renew but the only options I get is for the vinyl and or book (which I already have got). Please could you introduce an extra category renew gift TBC? So that we can renew and get whatever new thing gets announced? Hope you can help. Thanks
  15. i got splashed by bono and hit on the head by a book ... cool

    1. Anjana


      Ohhh you are soooo lucky, I tried to get splashed but even when I leaned in it missed me

    2. sazshackle
    3. pain_18_


      Bono's Benediction !!!!

  16. From the album: ewe too


    © joshthetree2015

  17. From the album: ewe too


    © joshthetree2015

  18. From the album: ewe too


    © joshthetree2015

  19. From the album: ewe too

    © joshthetree 2015

  20. From the album: ewe too

    © joshthetree 2015

  21. From the album: ewe too

    © joshthetree 2015

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