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  1. I read somewhere u2 are doing two songs. Probably to close show after some chat ... perhaps
  2. Take that are pretty good too if you like that kinda thing
  3. Hope you enjoy the show. Just watched U2 raised by wolves ... on fire ... loved it
  4. London Calling ...

    1. padawanbeck84


      And me! Goodness knows what we're going to be like travelling down there...

    2. inter1


      At the top of the dial...roll on..

    3. utwothefly


      Yes mate, coming up fast! :D

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  5. Pop pop pop muzik .... best U2 album ever ... never get bored of it. Love it ... love it ... love it. Still sounds so fresh and relevent
  6. two weeks yesterday to go

    1. stanley14


      Soon Josh.........soon ;)

  7. woohoo ... how cool is that?! very!
  8. If you buy the album through Amazon you get a digital download included within your purchase and the digital booklet is slightly diffrenent - is it ok to upload this here too?
  9. Yeah thanks. hopefully they may turn up in a Rattle and Hum remaster There's some good stuff in those outtakes
  10. Did you not have the option to choose the book? I think the reason for the vinyl was to mix things up a little. It's been books and CD's in the past few years. And many of us have enough guitar picks to last a lifetime! The VIP book is fantastic, but they're selling it at the shows, so it's not unique to members. I completely agree with what you're saying, but it's near impossible to please everyone and still offer up something unique and different and exclusive! I think most of us old-schoolers have compiled plenty of tangible clutter over the years and would rather have the aural excitem
  11. Whilst a lot of U2heads love and collect vinyl equally as many if not more I suspect don’t. I am one of the latter, I think in future it would be better if U2.com could put something out that everyone would be happy with. Personally I’m not looking forward to the vinyl I can’t play it, ok I get the downloads – big deal. There are some great unique U2 things out there and coming out soon e.g. the U2 Experience book that includes reproduction tickets, flyers, posters, contracts, etc (check out Amazon for pictures). The U2 Innocence and Experience VIP package ‘gift’ portfolio containing guita
  12. Any idea when the resub product is being posted out? Renewed December 2014 and not received anything yet
  13. Sounds great any photos of the tour .... anyone??
  14. Thanks for the mp3

    1. pain_18_


      Thanks here too !

  15. I'd be interested but would need some notice for a kennel unless I can bring my dog
  16. Yeah they were good in the 90's too
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