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  1. Bet that was good You can get an official recording of New Gold Dream featuring Bono on Simple Minds Silver Box set which is pretty good.
  2. simple minds 'big music'

    1. stanley14


      And 'great sound' ;-)

  3. Great show loved it they could give U2 a run for their money Here's some pix from the night
  4. What a pity, oh well nothing lasts forever Lol it could be the biggest mistake in rock n roll tourist history, since they demolished the original cavern in liverpool and then rebuilt it
  5. When I was a boy ... this was dance music
  6. One of my other favorite bands at Live Aid
  7. Really excited Simple Minds play my home town again tomorrow night. Wooooohoooo
  8. @u2 T Shirts rule

  9. apparently the 2017 renew/ re-sub gift is a U2 pocket record player
  10. I don't understand singles any more. Where's the CD, vinyl or download?

  11. When is Songs of Experience being released?

    1. BigBunny


      mid year would be good, like Zooropa >=:)

    2. pain_18_


      Not soon enough!!!! I want it now!!!!

    3. utwothefly


      Cant see it before the tour :S

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  12. I agree with you Mark. No lIne On the Horizon, for me, was okay but not worth the wait it was pretty average compared to the band's other offerings. I think Songs of Innocence is their best album to date
  13. Songs of innocence. Pop. All that you cant leave behind (or best of 1980 - 1990)
  14. joshthetree

    U2 22

    All i see is 'ordinary love' too. just as well i down loaded u22 already
  15. still think it's great. want songs of experience now
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