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  1. You are always on my mind

    1. Anjana


      am I? awhh that's sweet and slightly creepy lol;)

    2. mich40
  2. It's cold outside but gets so hot in here

    1. pain_18_


      ..But Brightly Lit !

  3. I did that too in Preston UK slept on the street in the cold in '86 to get tickets to Wembley Stadium for the Joshua Tree tour. Back then the internet wasnt invented =0)
  4. Last tour I think it was mentioned that per household the limit was two memberships only. I think it's in the Q&A somewhere?
  5. I think U2 fans exist outside the fan club and they just want to give everyone a chance to see the show. I was in Propaganda but dont expect any preferential treatment.
  6. On the tour page it says.. Sold out but some packages available. How can you therefore be sold out? Dur
  7. The benefits to red zone my view you help fund a very worthy cause and you get a souvenir ticket ;0) Doesnt matter if youre GA red zone seated or wherever youll have a fab time. Done front rail a few times but one of the best shows was in the middle right at the back fab☺
  8. I entered code got to the buy screen. Then changed ticket category and entered code again. BUT I only bought one ticket for one show is that OK? Please can you clarify. If I only bought one ticket with pre-sale code can I buy one more ticket with same code if other dates are announced? Thanks
  9. Thanks very much U2.com smooth as clockwork. Happy
  10. woohoo im going

    1. stanley14


      Great josh!! Congrats!!

  11. clear all your devices cookies. reboot. login u2.com and click on 'Tours' and the presale code is there! thanks fingers crossed
  12. nah everything will be fine and dandy - as always
  13. I reckon 'innocence' will be mostly an acoustic 'experience' will turn up the volume. also the dates will sell out in seconds and extra dates for the same venues will added i read somewhere
  14. Doubt it 1 x venue 2 x tickets according to a u2.com email some have received
  15. I didn't get the email but here's a cut n' paste of what u2.com is sending out Dear , U2 are heading out on the road again, playing arenas for the first time in a decade. As a U2.com subscriber you can participate in a presale to buy two tickets for this indoor arena tour and we'll be emailing you a unique ticketing code to take part in the presale. (You'll also find the code on the TOUR page when you are logged in to the site). Long-term subscribers (our eXPERIENCE group) can enter presales tomorrow, Thursday, December 4t
  16. yes it was rotterdam feynood stadium i think it was called the coach trip stayed in amsterdam
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