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  1. Eastlink on the Horizon 1997 ©2010 copyright joshthetree (NOT U2.com!)
  2. Love Comes to Town 1988, Blackpool ©2010 copyright joshthetree (NOT U2.com!)
  3. Elevation Tour Scuffed Stage ©2010 copyright joshthetree (NOT U2.com!)
  4. Windmill Lane 1997 ©2010 copyright joshthetree (NOT U2.com!)
  5. Pre-U2.com/Propaganda/U2 World Service there was U2 info service....
  6. The Smashing Pumpkins 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings'
  7. i'm having a pint mug of english breakfast tea with milk and three sugars *slurp*
  8. [quote name='U2LAWoman wrote: barbara1 wrote: U2LAWoman wrote: barbara1']i'm eating a bag of winegums (till i'm sick! it's that time of the month, i can't help myself on those days.. ) there's this live show on our national television, and robbie williams is there! it was a surprise act, they announced it last week; either robbie or a female star (dont remember who but my daughter was wishing it was her..).. women in the audience are goin crazy! hans just left to drop kids of with his mum, we're both working early shift and after oldest son sneaking out last week to meet his girl, we're not happy leaving them..., besides we have another dinnerparty tomorrow night.. so it's well arranged like this! good night/morning to all of you, won't be staying to long due to early shift.. Barbara, what are winegums! Sounds interesting.... i expected someone would ask!! they're little 'gums', pieces off candy, rather soft and they come mixed in different colors (the black ones are my favourite taste, so i try to keep them for last..) they have different shapes too and on them the names of liqueurs are stamped (GIN TONIC PORT SHERRY RUM) ... oh dear, now i took them out again, and i promissed myself to stay away from them today.... can' help myself! Wow...there is such a thing??! Haven't heard about these in the US! Good thing... because I'd probably be tempted to go buy myself a bag...(you know..for those days...) wine gums rule, love 'em. midget gems are cool too
  9. i'll have a nice mug of tomatoe soup please as it's cold outside =o)
  10. 123love wrote: u2-one hiya 123love, how's it going? snap! i'm listening to the same song
  11. A photo taken on a crappy old no zoom phone camera, photo of Edge taken from the special needs platform behind the Red Zone. We were sat on the same platform on Friday too, Edge gave us a smile and a nod that day - probably thought theres those two flippin' stalkers again (weird really cause Bono must have seen us raving to 'I'll Go Crazy, If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight' on Friday night - cause he looked at us and smiled) Tour ramblings: Missed the ferry, as we got delayed in the Elvis Cafe...met Mailman1 (Phil/Jo) in the ferry bar.....mmmm 'John Lynch The Swans Bar' probably the best pint of Guiness on the planet. We passed the locals' U2 superfan quiz quote "if you're big U2 fans answer me these questions" "you passed the test - but i wouldn't go to see U2 when they played the Dandylion Market!" Probably the best/maddest U2 concert experience in my life, met some bloke outta Boyzone, Gay Byrne, the Kaiser Chiefs and took a wrong turn in my whelchair almost into the bands dressing room area (ring of steel haha). It was terrific seeing the band going on stage and leaving the venue. After show Guinesses in the Jurys Inn hotel until the next morning.... They say every cloud has a silver lining....i think it's true
  12. counting isn't fun and it sucks but 630 never the less;)
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