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  1. One things for sure theyll be no tickets allocated to anyone living round here seems to be the ticket spot that U2 forgot Graham Norton show; CDUK; TOTP; U2 book signing; Astoria; etc, etc .... nowt where I live
  2. Did anyone north of Birmingham win tickets?
  3. Calling all @U2 fans! 25 September wear a U2 t-shirt for ‘U2 World T-Shirt Day’ post/tag your pix #U2T0925
  4. A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported @U2 World T-Shirt day (#U2T0925). Whether you blogged, articled, emailed, commented, tweeted, facebooked, posted your pix (all looked great!), took part offline or watched the fun/ mayhem from the side lines – thank you one & all for a fun U2 day. Here’s to the next one!
  5. You can view the pictures from the day so far here https://twitter.com/hashtag/u2t0925?f=tweets&vertical=default&src=hash&lang=en
  6. From the album: ewe too

    Following on from 2016's launch U2 World T-Shirt Day #U2T0925 is back for 2017. Please feel free to join in the global U2 fun
  7. Calling all @U2 fans! 25 September wear a U2 t-shirt for ‘U2 World T-Shirt Day’ post/tag your pix #U2T0925 Read about the inaugrel event during last tear's #U240 celebrations here http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/33792-u2-world-tshirt-day/
  8. Best U2 song on the planet in my view, I'd rather hear this than Where the Streets Have No Name ever again ... yes seriously 10/10. Can't wait to hear the new album?
  9. Yeah they're really cool nice to finally see some Popmart recognition
  10. Yeah the book, prints, live album and remixs are really great. But I think I prefer the last Joshua Tree box set though on content and price. I agree digital download is best option if you just want the new tracks. I think what is missing in this package is a video of a concert, there must be 4 or 5 professional shot for TV concerts out there. I really, really love the remix tracks though for this offering especially With or Without You, One Tree Hill, Bullet the Blue Sky and Where the Streets have no Name. Listening to them in the rain at the moment. Edges photo book is r
  11. Like everything it's down to personal choice and I think 'Miami' is f*ckin brilliant
  12. Sounds like you have a great collection there
  13. Do you think we'll ever get to the stage where we have enough or too much U2 stuff? I'm getting close as very soon I will probably need to get the floor in my place reinforced
  14. Scan it in and post it here
  15. I think a mirror ball lemon that opened up full of pop related stuff, like a key ring, squeaky plastic nun, Pop singles collection on 3" CD, Pop pen, Pop stickers and a Pop 'trolley coin' - now that'd be great
  16. Looks great to me, just need to find my way round as I have no compass and I have no map
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