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  1. miracle drug? yeah bleedin' miracle they finally released an album
  2. Do U2 still exist? As nothing from the fan club in years about them

    1. pain_18_


      There are several threads somewhere around here containing rumours about the new album...

  3. Do U2 still exist?

  4. In terms of Glastonbury both Coldpaly and U2 were nothing compared to Dolly Parton she even wrote and performed a new song there. Wish U2 still had the fire in their bellys to do
  5. Ordinary Love was this years Electrical Storm
  6. how soon they forget malahide...ridiculous! it was the higest grossing tour of all time not one of them...the very best in history In my opinion, Zoo TV was better... I liked Joshua Tree and Pop and Elevation tour wise. 360 was okay but too gimmicky and how the hell can that be carbon neutral...did they plant another rain forest??
  7. Bet there's a few 'fans'feeling a bit dumb today ;0) haha
  8. Take as long as you want i'm skint =0)
  9. Whilst I love U2 and Ordinary Love is great. I thought it was a three horse race between U2, Happy and Disney they all deserved to win but there can only be one winner and I think the right choice was made. Yeah macman that 'Frozen' film is a top movie - very festive and great yuletide viewing
  10. yeah with the boy as a grown up on the cover - like in the North Side Story book
  11. This is my other top fav u2 mix http://youtu.be/zcKdAfi-aDQ
  12. This is the one, Excellent ! My favourite U2 remix still play this one to death. The video is like a prequel to Linear
  13. Any thing from Pop, No Line On the Horizon and the new album. Everything else should be banished
  14. Gonna be a great summer Hope the tour is like the 'Invisible' with mobile phones banned
  15. Thankfully somebody agrees with me on those two songs. Absolute dribble by U2 standards, and 'Glastonbury' not much better, though better imo. North Star, Wild Honey and Glastonbury - in my humble view - better than anything on Achtung Baby - except Until the End of the World. But everyone likes different stuff and the world would be really dull and boring if we didn't. Achtung Baby ... pah so overrated
  16. Well, judging by the reaction on these forums at the time, I don't think many people liked them. I like NorthStar but they completely trashed Mercy, the 'How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' version is the best so far !!!! Yeah 'North Star' I need that song releasing
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