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  1. we got some downloads extra with Edge's picks, but more would be good
  2. U2 always sounded best when Danger Mouse produced them!

    1. pain_18_


      Have you heard of Flood ?

    2. joshthetree


      Yeah Flood and Howie B are cool too!

  3. Glad to have been a part of it. You to, me too. What a great tune thoroughly love it It's not even the single - it's an album track. I can't imagine how great the new album is going to be. First 'Ordinary Love' and now 'Invisible' - can't wait. I have a feeling it's gonna be my favourite U2 album What a great marketing and charity idea too. Got a good feeling about all this. Back to the music if 'Ordinary Love' and 'Invisible' are a glimpse into how Danger Mouse operates I'm all in favour of his involvement it's such a refreshing sound. And in my opinion (not that
  4. I agree. I'm getting used to the way it starts, but the end needs guitar or something, or a keyboard accompaniment to fade it out with a bit more depth. That aside, very good. The start, that bass synth reminds me of Muse a little. Uprising, a little. Which is not a bad thing, but I prefer the intro on the Facebook vid. That Facebook video is a good beginning
  5. First thanks for the download and the ability to get it without having to sit through Super bowel in the UK - that wouldn't have been fun having to get get up at 4:30 AM to go to work! Thought I was playing OMD through my iTunes until Bono started singing and Edge kicked in ;0) 'Invisible' is a great album track love it and look forward to hearing the tracks that sit along side it. Really like the video clips you've put out for this track. Played 'Invisible; about 10 times now and think it's really, really great love it. Classic U2 already! Happy....great end to to a great weekend
  6. Cool can't wait http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/u2-at-the-us-festival-in-1983-premiere-20131119#ooid=YydXk1aDovpVise8vt6QgnY3Tu6pmMQS
  7. who do you think will get the oscar? i like that 'happy' tune and 'ordinary love' it's neck and neck for me can't decide
  8. Yes that will be interesting to see, hope it happens
  9. The Beatles always sound best when John sings

    1. Anjana


      Yup I agree. A Day in the Life is my fave.

  10. The Beatles always sound best when John signs

  11. 16,181,327 (+ me) people like U2 gone up by nearly 2 million since June 2013

  12. i look forward to receiving the book and hope to while away the rest of the winter nites by reading it
  13. 360 was a good tour but I felt it ended up as U2 by numbers so am looking forward to a new album and even more to a new tour which I hope will be scaled back on the visuals and scaled up on the music
  14. They said there'll be snow at Christmas, They said there'll be peace on earth, But instead it just kept on raining, A veil of tears for the virgin's birth

  15. They said they'd be snow at Christmas...They said they'd be Peace on Earth...

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it would get my Oscar Nomination if I was on the board U2BROTHR seems a really nice bloke and made me smile a few times during his film as I can relate to alot of the stuff he got up to.
  17. Breathe front page version is great .... nice download opportunity

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