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  1. i look forward to this and am enjoying the download, be nice to have some downloads of early demos and live stuff nit not already released on itunes and remasters
  2. thats alot of cash for an ran advert. they could do something for free on youtube
  3. i got one left from elevation 2001 tour just the one all others worn out
    1. pain_18_


      Is that the REAL Full Band version or someone added the band on a computer program ?

    2. pain_18_




      This is a full band version made by Jakob Saltell, a Swedish U2 fan and musician. The original acoustic version was performed by Bono and The Edge in Turin, Italy, 6 August 2010.

      More music by Jakob Saltell: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unsu...




    3. pain_18_


      Sadly it's the fake full band version...But I love the song, man !

  4. I want pizza

    1. pain_18_


      Hope you get it ! I love Pizza !

  5. Brought a smile to my face, enjoyed your movie, I can relate to that. Nice one mate
  6. One thing will be missing from this book though won't it?? How U2 got their name!
  7. There won't be any CD, maybe some downloads, right now I hope for the tracks on that 29th Nov. Vinyl 'cause I DON'T HAVE a turn-table !!!! yeah me too, you get a down load card with the vinyl, hopefully some of the vinyl junkies will share their codes
  8. Did anyone find the Nelson Mandela painting or has it gone? http://youtu.be/DUZPzslBhx4
  9. we can't deal with ordinary love

    1. pain_18_


      I love the song !

  10. More U2 DVD material coming up on US Festival 1983: Days 1-3 see http://www.amazon.com/US-Festival-1983-Days-1-3/dp/B00FGWTNL4/ Watch Sunday Blood Sunday here http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/u2-at-the-us-festival-in-1983-premiere-20131119
  11. How many years have we waited for this DVD ?? I just can't wait to put it in my U2dvdCollection ;) as I wish to get the Ordinary Love vinyl in my U2vinylCollection ;) one day ... ebay ? Hiya electricco, Too many years, but it's worth the wait I'll have to pass on that one as not had a record player since 1987 hope a CD or download becomes available or I'll to illegally down load it form from the internet somewhere Hey U2 I'd buy it if you gave me a chance to buy a format I can use
  12. From the Ground Up was great, U22 was better for me .... though I love 'em both
  13. I notice you get a down load card with the Ordinary Love vinyl, to down load both songs, it'd be nice if the downloads were also offered to those that don't have a record player any-more (me me me me me me )
  14. I hope they bring out a tie-in CD of related rare material from the period or some down loads Also a series of books going to present day would be good with music tie-ins too
  15. Me too you too - me too
  16. When I first read the email I thought I'd read 'North Star'. Wasn't that impressed on first glance at this offering, no new tunes or band interviews - thought it was all a bit too recycled - already got a U2 guide to Dublin on @u2. But having thought about it all day, me thinks it sounds great and look forward to resubing now
  17. They need a grammar checker. Is it a 'veiled' threat to U2.com? - U2.com take care your fans. Or is it best wishes to U2.com before the site goes on holiday? U2.com, take care, your fans. Or did they just forget to include 'of'??? - U2.com take care of your fans Who knows and will we ever know???
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