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  1. Nice one Max thanks for posting that I missed it
  2. 1. Gone 2. Miami 3. North Star 3. Until the end of the world 4. The sweetest thing - original b side version 5. Volcano 6. I will follow 7. Out of control 8. Electrical storm 9. 11 o'clock tick tock 10. Song for someone 11. Woman Fish Great question but too hard Yahweh and If God Will Send his Angels nearly made it for me. Oops two 3.s never anygood at maths
  3. Anyway next years resub gift is going to be Pop related what do you want?
  4. Ask someone who is IT savvy to burn the soundtrack from Rattle & Hum dvd to the file format you want. I think alot of people do this for for personal use only and not for distribution. Or the versiob from the Joshua Tree Paris bonus dvd from 20th annivesary edition ... thats my fav with 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' included.
  5. I love Pop. Definately my all time favorite U2 album. I too was hoping for some kind of commemoration of this album, but it doesnt look like it was to be. I cant understand why Pop just appears to have been put at the back of the cupboard to be forgotten about. To me this great album is just so relevent and fresh sounding today as it was on first listen 20 years ago. The stand out tracks for me are Gone, Last Night on Earth, Miami, Playboy Mansion and Wake Up Dead Man. Pop is bright, shiny and alive. And its one of a handful of albums I never tire of listening to on repeat. As Pain
  6. Cause stress and aggro for everyone else by having multiple IDs. And being so thick as to post a photo of yourself under one of the too many accounts you shouldnt have.
  7. 15. Film the entire show on your mobile device and whinge when people jump around enjoying themselves in front of you at the show 16. Go to the bar or toilet during a non-single/ album track 17. Hold up placards saying 'dance with me' or 'I can play guitar' 18. Ask if 'I will Follow' is off the new album
  8. 13. Take a group selfie with a band member and crop everyone else off - so it looks like it is you and only you 14. Whine on about why U2 haven't released Woman Fish
  9. Joshua Tree rere issue looks good but couldve been great more unreleased material, one or two dvd shows, there are so many Rattle & Hum outtakes that are begging to be released, etc. That said look forward to the live Cd, remix disc, extra track and book.
  10. Hello helloooo has this years sub gift been decided on yet? What about a nice wooden joshua tree memento made from the remains of the real tree*? *joking
  11. Yeah it was, rest of the roll was just a blurred mess hahah. Bono got right on the front with his right knee about 2 inches from my face. Couldnt tell if i got any good puctures until the film was sent off for developing and posted back to me. Was and am pretty chuffed with that photo. Scans a bit ropey though
  12. That is superb wish i was artistic
  13. We need to make a popmart word search
  14. Nom nom nom nom dark chocolate is the bestest
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