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  1. Yeah a new 'live' CD would be great, I love from U22 and Edges Picks
  2. joshthetree


    Lol great tshirt and really funny picture ... I really like that one =0)
  3. Happy 40th U2 looking forward to the next album
  4. Thank you! That would be us! @U2DesireGR Facebook.com/U2FanClubDesire You're welcome ... terrific idea. Looking forward to your video tomorrow. Have a great one
  5. Nice one! Great photo hope you enjoyed the show ... sounded great
  6. Band Aid ... Live Aid ... Artists Against Apartheid ... Self Aid ... Shut Sellafield ... NetAid .... One Campaign ... RED #U240
  7. Ooops its Friday and nearly #U240 so lets have a little more
  8. I'll be at a local arts workshop on Sunday where I'm sure I can get someone to play a U2 song or three. And I will be rocking my IETour T-shirt - hopefully I can upload a photo to the gallery on here. Let's fill the Zoo with U2 T-shirt pics! Cool that sounds great ... yes please post any tshirt day pix .... Here if poss ... Thanks http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/33792-u2-world-tshirt-day/
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