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  1. I heard on the radio that U2 are playing Bloomfield Road Blackpool on The Joshua Tree Tour and warming up at the Empress Ballroom Blackpool for Songs of Experience 2018 ...then I woke up doh
  2. Yeah surprises 'womanfish' at Twickenham would restore my faith ;0)
  3. Redzone you usually get to stand next to various celebrities if your lucky and thats your thing. Mrs Bono, Noel Gallagher, Bob Geldoff and Chris Martin were graced by my prescence. Dont do the crass selfie thing with them though, theyre justhaving a night out
  4. 2015 redzone didnt include a material gift as such but you got a souvenir ticket in addition to the regular ticket. I didnt buy a VIP package but you got a very nice souvenir gift book all about U2 live and containing facsimilie tickets/posters/set lists, a souvenir ticket - different to red zone one,also guitar picks/drum head and a real piece of the stage. Ebay had these for sale and they looked very great
  5. Hey Amrit, great piece of writing -I like that alot
  6. Yes they were all fab. Also the album tracks released on various others were grear too like 'Jesus Christ' off a Vision Shared, 'Christmas Baby'off a Very Special Christmas and 'Sweet Fire of Love' and 'Testimony' from Robbie Robertson's album. Theres also a good cover of 'The Sweetest Thing' on the Scrooged OST album by New Voices of Freedom of the same period. Great music happy days.
  7. Dont think fans are bitching here, just kicking around a few ideas, views, opinions. Heres another quote for you ."Am I bugging you? Didn't mean to bug you. Okay Edge, play the blues!"
  8. Lone Justice really good band they supported U2 at the Wembley Stadium show I went to =0)
  9. I think after the presale shuts and the public sales begin, yes you can buy additional tickets subject to the rules of Ticketmaster - which they should advertise on their website
  10. In the UK it originally aired on BBC2 late at night as part of the 'Old Grey Whistle Test' programme with 'wispering' Bob Harris I think
  11. 'When I Look At the World' is a great track would love to hear that live. 'Deep in the Heart' is terrific to, 'Race Against Time' maybe as a setlist finale
  12. I had 360 GA Croke and bust my ankle, the concert promoter in Ireland swapped them for wheelchair and assistant tickets and refunded the difference. Try the promoter, it worked for me ... hope it does for you
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