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  1. Amazing album and art ... love it ... you have real talent
  2. joshthetree

    For Bono

    From the album: ewe too

    John Lennon neon sign. Wonder if it was the one from the actual album cover

    © me me me

  3. I really like that song ... so mine tune of the day too
  4. Also marking the occasion by founding and participating in the U2 WORLD TSHIRT DAY which is an annual international day of U2-ness marked by the wearing around the globe of an appropriate U2 tshirt. Offical, bootleg or homemade shirts maybe be worn. FREE EVENT No entry fee or travel required SO WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD 25TH SEPTEMBER GET ON YOUR U2 TSHIRT!
  5. Dont do social media so im marking it at http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/33635-u2-song-of-the-day/
  6. Yay another day on U2 Song of the Day ... probably the greatest U2 Thread in the World ...Ever! It's all about the music yer know #U240
  7. Until the end of the world print is gonna be framed by Christmas ... love it
  8. Got on of those post office cards through letterbox ... package left with neighbour ... over the road 10 doors on the right! Just collected it ... woohoo finally arrived 29 days after email. Well they did say 14 to 30 days. Tell you what I thought the prints looked ok-ish when first announced but now I can see them for real theyre stunning well nice, dead happy thanks very much - yes worth the wait.
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