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  1. From the album: ewe too

    Probably my all time favorite show of the tour

    © U2 and me

  2. From the album: ewe too

    My ticket stub second night at Wembley Stadium 1987. Sad but true I always keep tickets in a plastic wallet so they survive the show! Still in great shape nearly 30 years on

    © U2 and me

  3. From the album: ewe too

    My ticket stub to first night at Wembley Stadium

    © U2 and me

  4. Streets single edit from JT20 ... love it
  5. I asked someone at the I+E show at O2 how many shows they were doing ... they answered with a glazed and slightly mad look "all of them"and they werent part of the tour crew ... but a paying fan. Met someone in 1997 who was doing all popmart. Me around 50 times since the 80's, I did all UK Joshua Tree shows in 1987 thats about as mad as I got. Rest were War, Unforgettable Fire, Love Town, Zoo Tv,Outside Broadcast, Pop Mart, Elevation, Vertigo, 360, I+E, JT30 London Even if I won the lotto dont think Id do a complete tour unless I could take my dog with me ;0)
  6. They opened like that when I saw them in 87 in Leeds. And didn't even play Streets that night. Same as Croke Park #2 in 87. Joshua Tree Ellend Road Leeds great-great-great show ... dead good venue and crowd ... will never forget that one. Croke almost went by coach but ran out of cash, but never get bored of seeing those clips from World in Action doc, especially Streets
  7. How cool is that?! Mega love it
  8. Twickenham didnt have them on offer but i think dublin does
  9. Edge singing Van Diemans Land in second set would nice
  10. Id really like walk on to John Lennon 'stand be me'finished by Bono,followed by Cmon Everybody and do the walk on in red for the encore. Need to here the Waterboys Whole of the Moon just before they appear
  11. Not sure. I hope they introduce some Songs of Experience stuff. That would be a nice treat! And I hope they somehow incorporate CityofBL.love that song and favorite performed live. All in all, they definetly have to incorporate more songs. That just wouldn't be enough run time if they only played JT. I just hope they don't give the Lumineers a long intro. Good band but not there for them. I wish the Lumineers were playing Europe. I really love their first album especially 'clapper girl' and 'stubborn love'. We get Noel Gallagher he's really good but I love the Lumineers ... so jealous!
  12. Yeah deffo theyve got to play Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bad. A nod to Pop in second half would be wonderful
  13. Springhill and People Get Ready would be fab!
  14. Two Hearts and Drowning Man would be really great =0)
  15. Like that idea of Beautiful Ghost as walk on music
  16. Some people were born later than some of us propagandaists but are still massive u2 fans and shouldnt be treated differently as they are younger than us or discovered the band later ... everyone should be treated fairly ... I think the current set-up is reasonable and fair
  17. Thanks u2.com pre-sale was good for me too =0)
  18. I went red zone at o2 arena london and enjoyed the experience spent most of my time in geral ga just back to red to buy a beer or 3
  19. Yes you can usually score most ticket categories in the public sale if you're quick. Got a Red Zone for London O2 in public sale - no problem
  20. When I went there think it was 110 degrees in the shade, make sure you take sun block, glasses, hat, plenty of bottled water and energy food. We found best time to visit zabriskie or joshua tree was early morning or evening before or after the days heat. Best photos of exact album cover spot are over the stone wall at the carpark/viewing point. Take care! Ps oops sorry you knew that anyway living in Utah! Another Great State love it there
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