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  1. Happy Easter   😊

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    2. Manohlive


      I'm doing well considering all the chaos.  Thank you.  I hope the same is true for you.  I'm glad your country is starting to see some light in the pandemic.  I hope it increases exponentially. 

    3. seresere


      I am happy to read you're doing well! I am doing fine, thanks. :)
      It's a difficult situation to handle, so surreal...

    4. pain_18_


          Happy Easter !!!!!

  2. Good Friday

  3. Triduum.  Holy Thursday for me.  

    1. pain_18_


        Yes, I Love Thursday !

  4. Before the second you turn back, be strong.

  5. Though the storm we reach the shore

  6. I've had enough I'm not giving up on a miracle drug.

    1. mariated


      Everything will be allright. We mustn' t give up!

  7. Add Love Is Blindness to The Unforgettable Fire for late night mellowness.

  8. Congrats to the KC Chiefs.  That was an awwsome, awesome Super Bowl. 

  9. Go Bucks in Paris.

  10. 12 drummers drumming.  

    1. pain_18_


      It's all about the drums !

  11. 11 Pipers piping

  12. 10 lords a leaping and 9 ladies dancing

  13. Eight maids-a-milking

  14. Hqppy 2020 to the world.  May the next 365 days lead us further along the path to freedom for every one. 

    1. seresere


      Happy 2020!! ^_^

  15. Seven Swans-a-Swimming

  16. Six Geese a-laying 

  17. Five golden rings

  18. Four calling boyds. 

  19. Go Pack Go. The NFC North Division title is ours and Rodgers finally beat Minnesota on their own turf.  Woo Hoo

  20. The little t man is impeached.  There is no reversing it.  He now takes his place next to Nixon. 

    1. dmway


      He’s actually worse off than Nixon.

      Nixon resigned from office before being impeached by the full House of Representatives; therefore, Gerald Ford was able to pardon him later.

      Articles of Impeachment are the one thing that can’t be pardoned by a future president. Since the full House impeached him yesterday on both Articles, he wears those scarlet letters forever - regardless of what happens in the Senate. (Stay tuned on that, though - Speaker Pelosi’s strategic move may end up helping a more proper trial happening there.)


  21. Pride (Karsh Kale 100 Voices Mix) is being enjoyed by me.  The Eternal Remixes EP is a pleasant surprise.

  22. ZooTV Live From Sydney is worth staying up until 4 AM  to experience.  A walk is needed so I can land.   

    1. BigBunny


      I so wish I'd of seen ZOO TV live

  23. Thoughts and prayers to London and The Hague.

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