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  1. Homophobia: Young Iranian Man Beheaded by Family for Being Gay

    A young gay man from Iran named Alireza (Ali) Fazeli-Monfared was reportedly murdered and beheaded on Tuesday, May 4, by his half-brother and cousins in an alleged honor killing after they discovered his sexual orientation. The suspects found out that Fazeli-Monfared was gay through the military service exemption card sent by Iran’s conscription organization a few days before the killing. 

    2-Alireza was killed by being beheaded by his family. After beheading him, the family dumped this poor man’s body under a tree outside of the city of Ahwaz. Alireza was about to flee Iran to join his boyfriend, who’s a refugee waiting for him in Turkey. #علیرضا_فاضلی_منفرد pic.twitter.com/QMqAoINHIm

    — Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) May 8, 2021


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  2. On 5/9/2021 at 1:39 PM, dmway said:

    I’m not paying $500 (or more) to be close to the stage

    I checked Chicago and the United Center has Genesis for two nights.  Both are pretty much sold out. Despite this, half the tickets on the floor are available for resale and at least a third in the bowl are also available for verified resale on Ticketmaster. I've never scalping like that.

    I found a 9th row single for Genesis at the UC in Chicago and it was $500 face value.  There was a pair a few seats over for the same price each.  Save those, everything else was verified resale. Best seats came up as costing close to four grand verified resale. That sucks. I know how much you love them.  I'm sorry.  Your posts got me thinking I'd like to see them and thought maybe just get a nose bleed to hear it live. They are $134.50 face value. They should be $30-$40, maybe $50 if lower in those sections. Two essentially sold out shows with multitudes of tickets being legally scalped up from grossly inflated prices.

  3. 18 hours ago, dmway said:


    Ticketmaster is not the promoter, even though they are owned by Live Nation.  They deal with all the flack yet have nothing to do with prices.  Live Nation is part of who sets the price, however; so is the artist, unless Live Nation is the sole promoter.  It varies based on contractual agreements, etc. Generally, the artist is involved in setting ticket prices, or are at least aware and agrees to the price

    Genesis booking that tour is roll of the dice.  We go back to say, 50% capacity, and they are looking at rescheduling or figuring out which 50% gets to see the show and which does not. 

    Not all promoters are nasty.  I know of some who do it because they love music.  They bring great acts to my city and keep ticket prices as low as possible.  Sadly, these are not large rock concerts and those promoters are rare. 

    Dawes lowered ticket prices a little. Even at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville (the original Grand Ole Opry) tickets are $39-59, and it's reserved seating. If the artist wants to tour and make it affordable for the masses, they have the ability to do so but need to push back on prices.  In no way am I defending Live Nation but they are not the sole culprit in all of this.

    I forgot to mention Leo Kottke and want to add Hamilton to my list of shows.

    Mere conjecture: I doubt we will see U2 tour until at least 2022.  I also doubt they'd start charging $500 if they did tour. 



  4. 9 hours ago, dmway said:

    their ticket dump for it closer to the day when it actually occurs.

    I can't tell you many times I got a great seat, or seats, by doing this.  It's how I got front row by the Edge for EI and only paid $106.  It's also how I got front row for Tina Turner, The Smashing Pumpkins and other shows. 

    I have had tickets to Matchbox Twenty and The Wallflowers for quite some time now.  It was supposed to be last summer but got switched to August 2021.  That recently got changed to June 2022.  I don't care.  We've 7th row center seats on the aisle.  I'm not giving up that show.  Finally hearing Back 2 Good live again is necessary for my survival.

    My next concert is Dawes - Sept 25, 2021,  in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I am also going to see them in Indianapolis on Sept 28, along with three other dates in December.  Tickets were $32-40.  I still think they are the best deal in rock and roll.. There's a number of newer bands I love (The Head and the Heart, Young The Giant, Beth Hart, etc.) that tour consistently and it's $50 or less for a ticket.  I also found out that Dermot Kennedy is being rescheduled here. He's inexpensive to see.  I plan on hitting as many of these tours as possible.  Genesis asking $500 is absolutely ridiculous. I do not think people are gonna pay that, or I hope not.  We start doing it, that's the price we can be looking at even after social distancing.  I hope that tour bombs and blows up in the faces of everyone responsible for setting the price. No offense, dmway.  I don't want us paying that in the future.

    Genesis tour: Better yet, I hope the producers get stuck, nobody buys seats and they have to lower prices. There's a win-win.  Let's go with that!   😎


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  5. My dog's coat badly needs to be pulled.  I'm waiting for a nice day so I can do it outside with my Irish Terrier mentor. It's complicated and a lot of work.  I did get it raked and brushed to where there were no mats. She looks a lot better.  It's so long and she's so wild that she looks all scruffy again. Lol  It was a good day, despite being in a winter jacket.  Last Saturday, it was 88 degrees by me.  (31 C)  I don't know how to dress!  🤔

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  6. On 5/7/2021 at 4:22 PM, Madfl3a said:

    Can't get enough of that performance of OOC seriously, it's sooooo good.

    It's like it got taken to a new level in their most recent recordings of Out Of Control; especially during the EI tour.   It's the one that most excited me when I saw the downloads.

    I got the other three today as well.  I checked my download and it was the other three that got mentioned, including Wild Horses.  

  7. I'm listening to I Will Follow right now.   It sounds really good. 

    5 hours ago, Dean Allison said:


    It was a very bad choice of words, which is why I edited down my comment.  I understand wanting and waiting for something.  I resubscribed early, just in case the downloads got released before my subscription expired, which it does next week.  I've been wanting them too.

    Electric Co is now playing and wow.   

  8. I wish they would not say early 2021 (and other years).   Say later and if ready earlier in the year, it's a nice surprise.  In all fairness, we are still in the first half of 2021.  I am hoping starting to release the tracks means production of this year's gift is going well and wrapping up, if not done. Shipping logistics with the pandemic would not be a task I'd enjoy.  I hope that goes well too.

  9. 3 hours ago, Canadanne said:

    Just out of interest, did anyone actually get to watch it with hundreds of fans? I saw it the day after it opened and there were only about four other people in the cinema - not much of an atmosphere.

    The theater was fairly full when I saw it.  It was not IMAX, just your standard movie place where I live.  I was surprised there were that many people.  I think they had announced Vertigo was coming to my city and there was a buzz.  I could be wrong with that timing.

    2 hours ago, xrayjets said:

    IMAX to see U23D

    I wish.  It didn't play in IMAX here but must have in Chicago, which is 90 minutes south if you know traffic.

  10. U23D has come up more than once in threads.  It seems to me that it's up to us to make it happen.  (unless I'm misunderstanding Mich and Max's comments)   Someone owns the rights.  Chances are it's not going to be released for commercial sale.  The same goes for theaters running it on their own.  I truly want to see it again and am willing to commit to putting forth effort to help make it happen.  How do we convince theaters that they will make money if they screen it?  When they reopen, they're going to need to maximize profits to make up for losses.  I don't think they're gonna run (so sorry to the band-this is not how I think or feel) an old U2 release because a few fans want it.  I think it's going to take a bunch of us, together, to make this happen.

    Mich40 mentioned one central location.  That seems most viable but presents the logistics of travel. As much as people would like to see this, how many would be willing, or able, to spend money on travel to do so?  I know of theaters in Chicago that might well go for this, if convinced they'll have an audience. That's nice for me but may not be good for another.   Where does it take place?   Are there enough of us that we could get it screened in a few theaters, spread out and making the logistics of getting to the thearer easier?   What if there are enough of us to get the ball rolling and suddenly U2 announces a tour?  Will that same number of people still spend the money on U23D?  What if a few places were willing to do this but we'd have to rent the venue?  (that seems the most possible to me but my knowledge is limited)  How do we get the actual film released to the theater? That's gonna involve money.  Glasses?  Etc?  

    If enough of us want this, let's make it happen. 

    What song is played right before the show begins?   😎

  11. The pandemic and ensuing isolation provided down time to think. Riffs which existed between past friends and myself have been healed and it's back 2 good after years of distance.  It went both ways, which I find the amazing part.  It was not one side saying, "Hey, I was wrong."   It was both, at the same time, realizing holding a grudge is an unnecessary chain.

  12. 6 hours ago, Madfl3a said:

    I was so bummed they dropped American Soul for the EU leg - totally understandable of course, but still... I would have loved  to hear that one live. A Pro shot would be amazing 💜

    Also, the imagery.  It was quite blunt when it came to my favorite ex-president.  What was his name again?   It was very political and helped us get through, what's his name again?   😂   The imagery was different.  The whole show had a different feel, as it was in America during what's his name again's yammering.  Times were dark and they gave us hope.

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