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  1. I know we all think this but Edge is so amazing on that guitar. His dynamics and how he is able to fade right out of Pride into WOWY is incredible.
  2. 4 of 5 nights I was about 7 rows away when they did this in Chicago. Nobody talked. The venue was quiet. Very rare, that.
  3. There goes your show where you were gonna get a drumstick! haha
  4. Of course I want it but I want more. Lol It would be awesome if we got a surprise like we did with The Blackout email. It was fun to watch the boards light up when that happened and so exciting to think here we go again...
  5. We do love to try and predict it, with very strong opinions though! 😜 It's fun!
  6. I've always thought they must have some volume of work that is new. They're musicians. Why keep playing the same stuff when one can write new songs as well? I'm looking forward to it. I like his voice. I also like the drummer a lot. I had tickets to see them in Chicago before the pandemic. Hopefully they're reschedule.
  7. Another tour like TJT30 Anniversary might not work so well without two new albums to bookend it. Personally, I want new music over a rehashed AB/Zoo TV tour. I would be interested to see how they can do AB and a new album/tour without one taking away from the other. We're talking albums that we love but they are 25-30 years old. I think they need a new album. I'd be happy but very disappointed if the next thing they did was AB in its entirety and then some other songs. AB is awesome, as is Pop but it's the past. It would be like touring glory days without something new. I don't see the
  8. I am ecstatic to see they released Bullet The Blue Sky from Pop remastered as a single clip. It's a favorite Bono performance.
  9. None that I've heard. Many want Achtung Baby Anniversary something. I'm of the other school, and want new music. (not that I don't want AB) Perhaps we'll get both.
  10. A Happy and Blessed Easter to all.

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      Happy Easter 

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      Happy Easter!

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  11. Does a show like this cause a mess in a city as big as Mexico City? What was getting around like for these shows?
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