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  1. Pop pins were ten bucks. Anyone remember how much for a ticket? I think the tour program was twelve bucks American.
  2. You look great, Paoladeglieposti. Nice picture.
  3. Is there another view tonight at 9 pm? I want to watch it again but will wait if there is.
  4. I've been lucky. Singing, "How long.." all the way to the car with other fans doing the same is a wonderful experience.
  5. Red Rocks was great. Hearing Gloria and 40 helped set up going into Holy Week for me. Being able to hear and watch it with a community helped ease the pain of not being able to gather with my church's congregation for the Easter Triduum. Thanks, U2.
  6. Google Paul Roche. You'll get 90 million hits. Oedipus The King - Christopher Plummer and Orson Wells. Paul did the translation. He's also in the Chorus with Donald Sutherland, among others. He was a dear friend and one of my mentors. He translated many works in my dining room when he stayed for the winters. I just saw U2 used the Latin; I use the Greek. Mine was a statement, before Palm Sunday, more than a direct quotation of U2's lyrics. It may have been in the wrong thread but I prefer the Greek, as it's in my blood.
  7. These streams/shows/threads are a welcome and needed lift during trying times. Thank you to everyone involved; special mention to our moderators. I'm glad we are all able to be here and are okay. Be and stay well.
  8. Can't sing it on the way to my car for this show but I'll be singing it in the shower after this stream.
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