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  1. I tweeted that because I figured not many people know about the Sun Ra Arkestra. Marshall’s got to be the oldest person who’s ever performed with U2. He’s also the best saxophone player I’ve ever seen (especially when he improvised). I never thought my love of jazz would ever collide with my love of U2! I would love to see them collaborate again in Philadelphia. A few Rattle and Hum songs could liven up the encore.
  2. I hate to say it, but I’m afraid a lot of people are going to get ripped off today. Remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t pay online, only in person as you walk in together. It’s very, very, very unlikely anyone will have an extra. Maybe they’ll have a few no-shows, but probably not many. I do hope they release this as the fan club gift next year.
  3. I could see them doing Australia, New Zealand, and Japan early next year, then maybe South America. If they could hold off until the early part of 2020 for another U.S. leg, there would be a bigger demand (and maybe our credit cards will have recovered by then...).
  4. Did anybody get GAs on Monday? By some miraculous act of God or Bono I did, but I haven't heard of anyone else getting them. I'm really looking forward to this show. I was dealing with a serious illness last summer and had to miss the JT tour. The fall Vertigo shows here were some of my favorites, especially the second night when Bruce Springsteen made a surprise appearance!
  5. Before I call Fanfire about this, could somebody answer my question here? As part of my 2016 membership, I bought 2 tickets in the presale for the first American leg of the JT tour, in December 2016. My membership expired in April 2017, and I had to let it lapse a few weeks while I waited to get paid. I resubscribed near the end of May 2017. I've gone through the verification steps and have the "setup complete" message on my account info page, but twice in the last week I've gotten an email saying I need to renew. I can't find any information verifying that on my account page. Others have said that renewal was part of their setup process and that they didn't get setup complete until they renewed. I contacted customer service via email and was told "Subscribers that purchased one of the 2017 JT membership offers AND have NOT used their Presale access code to purchase tickets to the JT tour will be eligible for access in the upcoming Presale." I used my 2016 presale code but didn't buy any tickets through a presale since I renewed. Do I need to renew? It's so immensely frustrating how vague and unclear the communication from U2.com has been about this. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  6. Ticketmaster always stops sales online and through the app two hours before showtime. Sorry to hear you didn't get tickets, but there was a drop earlier in the day yesterday and from what I heard, there were about 30 GAs sold then. Other nights, it sounds like quite a few people got tickets close to showtime. I also heard that some nights, once it got really close to showtime, they were selling the $312 seats for $100. Box office drops are all very hit or miss at MSG.
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