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  1. I got up at 3:00 a.m. Est and 5 hours later tickets are not available to print yet. I sent a direct message to ticketmaster australia but they never bothered to reply. Impossible to get through on the phone. 

    When can I access my U2 tickets?

    - All Hard Tickets for Optus Stadium will be delayed until day of General Public Onsale, Tuesday
      11 June 2019 at 2pm.

    - All Hard Tickets for Marvel Stadium will be delayed until 9:00am, Friday 18th October.

    - All Collector Tickets will be dispatched a month prior to the event. Collector Tickets are not
      available to those without a valid Australian address. You must provide an Australian postal
      address to receive Collector Tickets.

      The exception to this is the VIP Party Experience which can be collected from the Venue on event

    - All Mobile & Print-At-Home tickets will be delayed until 72 hours prior to event day.

    - All VIP (Red) Zone tickets can only be collected from the venue on the day of the show.

    - All VIP Party Experience tickets can only be collected from the venue on the day of the show.

    In a first for any artist performing in New Zealand and Australia, and to ensure fans have the best access, floor tickets for all of U2’s Australian and New Zealand shows will be paperless.

    Not only does this improve your experience getting into the venue on show day, digital-only tickets also means less scalping, safer and easier transfer to friends, and a better environmental outcome with less waste.

    All digital tickets will be delayed until 72 hours prior to the event date. At this point you will be able to access your tickets via your Ticketmaster account.

  2. Fans who ordered e-tickets have been promised that the ticket print suppression would be lifted 72 hours before the show. Well it is not 69 hours before the show and the stupid print suppression has still not been lifted. U2 please get involved in this and have ticketmaster release the tickets. We have waited long enough. There is no contact telephone number to call for ticketmaster customer service in Australia only twitter and facebook and they don't respond.

  3. What happened to the 24 song setlist which is the standard these days. I know the band isn't getting any younger and after reading the Sunday Times article about how they all need Physio before and after the shows but they should add at least 2 songs to Act 1 to bring it up from an 8 song set to 10 (perhaps Until the End of The World and The Fly ?) . It's great to hear the changes to the setlist they have made recently: Zoo Station and Wild Horses but at the expense of Cedarwood Road, Iris, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Until The End of The World we loose 2 songs. Do they really need to have a break/intermission after only 8 songs ? Why not add at least 1 more song in the encore also. How about playing Land Lady or All I Want Is You to close the show ?

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  4. Well they played the same setlist 4 nights in a row in Brazil on the Joshua Tree Tour so don't expect them to change. Even on the last night of the tour it was the same identical setlist. I had friends that spent a lot of money to travel there and who bought tickets for all 4 shows. Can you imagine hearing the same songs 4 nights in a row ? I guess U2 thought the people in Brazil don't have enough money to attend all 4 shows. They are getting old and stuck in their ways I guess or maybe are still just doing it for the $. Sad really for the prices they charge and for the fans that travel around to see them.

  5. Why does U2 feel they have play the same set list in both shows in the same city ? Don't they know most diehard fans will go to both shows ? San Jose got identical set lists and I am sure Vegas will also. Why do they fell they need to play I Will Follow, Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday ON EVERY TOUR AT EVERY SHOW  ? Song for Someone should be played as well as Landlady and Little Things. If you want to play classics then Bad, Streets and All I Want is You would work much better. Also bring back the Fly, Mysterious Ways and Wild Horses. Raised by Wolves and American Soul should be dropped.

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  6. 23 hours ago, dmway said:

    Well, at least we now know that the news has filtered up.

    I wonder what proportion of the U2.com membership had difficulty getting pre-sale tickets. Guy seems to be of the opinion that the system worked for most - it would be interesting to know whether or not his statement was realistic or optimistic. I wonder if there is any way of finding that information out...

    In any case, my continued wishes for good luck to everyone still trying to get tickets, and also a strong hope that the higher-ups in the U2.com hierarchy can make things right for everyone.


    It would help if u2.com didn't fuck over the fans by sending emails that you are verified then the next morning getting an email saying oops we made a mistake. You are not entitled too tickets because you didn't renew your membership. THE GOAL IS GREED !

  7. This whole ticketmaster verified fan is a shame and a money grab for greedy Live Nation. I registered for Ed Sheeran tickets in Toronto and never got a code. Stub Hub had all the good seats the day after the pre-sale. If U2 are going to make all the GA Floor tickets paperless with credit card entry for the fan club members why inconvenience us further ?? They already make it impossible for fans to re-sell or trade the GA'S if plans change and you cannot make the show. Not everyone has a cell phone so the people with no cell don't get a code even though they paid for a membership. Pretty f'd up. Scalpers will always get tickets there is no way around this. Make it easier for the fans U2 GET RID OF THIS RIDICULOUS VERIFIED FAN SYSTEM.

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  8. What happens if I don't own a cell phone does that mean I won't get a code ?  I have been a member since the Propaganda days. I prefer the code to be emailed. So ridiculous. U2 thinks they are betting scalpers they are again making it more difficult for fans to get tickets.

  9. I'm sorry but the current setlist does not work well so far on this tour. The band needs to tweek it by geting rid of Sunday Bloody Sunday as the opening song and get rid of Pride. These songs have been overplayed on every tour and quite frankly the diehard fans would rather hear some other material. The fans would prefer to have Sort of Homecoming back in the set as well as other songs never performed live before. How about starting the show with God Part II, Hawkmoon 269 and then Heartland ? as the band has never toured the Rattle and Hum album in America, Bad then All I Want Is You into Streets and then play the Joshua Tree album. For the encore Miss Sarajevo just kills the mood and needs to be dropped. How about playing Kite, When I look at the World and maybe some JT B-sides instead ? Why play the same boring setlist every night ? 21 songs just doesn't cut it anymore. Don't just go through the motions on this tour U2 like previous tours. Make this tour a tour to remember,,,need to play at least 23 songs. What about this setlist:

    God Part II

    Hawkmoon 269



    All I Want Is You

    Streets and rest of JT album


    A Sort of Homecoming

    Indian Summer Sky

    When I Look At The World


    Spanish Eyes (Walk to the Water or Luminous Times or Sweetest Thing or other JT B-sides)

    Boy Falls From The Sky instead of Little Things (save Little Things for the next tour)

    Love Is Blindness...

  10. Okay this has to stop U2. Live Nation keeps releasing Platinum tickets for various US shows at incredibly inflatted prices. Just tonight the LA Rose Bowl 1 show has Platinum tickets listed in Section 3-H Row 1 at $1,950.00 per ticket !!! The face value is only $280 !!

    What gives U2 ? Stop being so greedy Live Nation. 



    As per ticketmaster


    What are Official Platinum Seats?

    Official Platinum Seats are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers through Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.


    Are Official Platinum Seats resale tickets?

    No. Official Platinum Seats were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster's Official Platinum Seats program enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices according to supply and demand) for live event tickets, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the best tickets, while enabling artists and other people involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value.

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