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  1. I have 4 tickets for the Sunday June 4th show at Soldier Field in Section 204 Row 7 (Adam's side). Face value is $100 each or $400 for all 4. Would prefer to sell all 4 together or in pairs. It is a credit card entry ticket so would have to meet you at the show and go in with me.
  2. I have 3 tickets in Section 211 Row 1 selling for face value total of $392.95. and I have 2 tickets in Section 312 Row 1 that I am selling for face value. $259.95 US also have 4 tickets in Section 124 Row 4 Face value for all 4 is $386.75 These are credit card entry only tickets on different credit cards. I can either meet you at the show and walk you in or cancel my credit card and mail you the card. I would prefer to sell all the tickets together. i.e all 3 tickets in Section 211 Row 1, all 2 tickets in Section 312 Row 1 and all 4 tickets in section 124 Row 4. Let me know. Will also consider trades.
  3. There are currently 6 u2.com wires group presale tickets available right now on ticketmaster. FTF ?? Pre-sale has ended months ago. Mods need to call ticketmaster customer service 1-800-653-8000 to report this. This has been going on for months. Tickets should be released to regular fans.
  4. 4 more seats showing up for Vancouver Section 243 Row 4 Wires Presale ?? WTF Somebody needs to call ticketbastard
  5. Ticketmaster is fucking up again with the London 1 show also. Allowing wire pre-sale codes to be used also.
  6. There is a nice pair showing up in Section 254 Row B right now for a wires group presale. Go figure ? the presale ended months ago.
  7. The presale has been over for months yet ticketmaster has lots of Wires group pre-sale tickets being made available on ticketmaster.
  8. The only thing you can do is cancel your credit card and try to sell the ticket to another fan for face value and then mail the credit card (instead of the tickets) to the fan.
  9. Bigwave when will we hear when the final 2 Paris concerts will be rescheduled ?. The Foo Fighters have begun offering refunds already. It looks like the only dates available for the Bercy Arena would be either December 1st & 2nd or December 3rd and 4th or December 6th and 7th. Please announce the new dates soon or announce if the 3rd leg of the tour will open in the US or Europe.
  10. I have 3 extra tickets for the Paris show on Wednesday November 11th. Category 2 tickets. 2 tickets in Section A Row 3 and 1 ticket in Section A Row 2 which are directly in front of the e-stage ! Cost price is 107.45 Euro. The tickets are e-tickets. Payment can be made with PayPal.
  11. i have an extra Category 1 ticket for the Saturday November 14th Paris show in Section O Row 12. Cost is $189.95 Euro. Ticket is an e-ticket. Payment to be made with PayPal.
  12. I have an extra ticket ticket for tonight Friday July 31st Cost price Section 119 Row 13 NEAR E-STAGE Price is $312.40 e-ticket payment to be made with Paypal
  13. I have 2 extra pairs of tickets to the New York at MSG on Sunday July 26th. 2 tickets Section 109 Row 16 (right beside the main stage on Adam's side) 2 tickets Section 115 Row 17 (right beside the main stage on Edge's side) Cost price is $312.40 per ticket or $624.80 for the pair. Payment can be made via Paypal and tickets transferred directly to you via ticketmaster or if you want the hard tickets I will mail them.
  14. I have up tp 4 tickets for sale for the New York show on Monday July 27th. Section 119 Row 4 directly in front of the e-stage. Cost price is $312.40 per ticket. Please PM me if interested. Payment can be made with PayPal and tickets transfered directly to you via ticketmaster or if you want the hard tickets I will mail them.
  15. I have 4 tickets available for the New York #6 show on Monday July 27th. 4 tickets in Section 119 Row 4. Cost Price is $312.40 per ticket. Tickets are located directly in front of the e-stage !
  16. I have the following tickets available for sale for New York 5 on Sunday July 26th. 2 tickets Section 115 Row 17 (Besides the stage on Edges Side) 2 tickets Section 109 Row 16 (Besides the stage on Adam's side) Cost price is $312.40 US per ticket. Tickets are hard tickets and payment can be made with Paypal and tickets trasnferred through the ticketmaster website.
  17. I have 2 tickets in Loge 1 Row 11 for both the Friday night and Saturday night Boston shows. Cost price is $599.95 for 2 tickets. Tickets are side by side and can be emailed or transferred through the ticketmaster website.
  18. Why are they playing the exact same songs every night ? Why not start the second set in the big screen playing Zoo Station and then the Fly. Why play Real Thing and Mysterious Ways every night ? Why not play Boy Falls From The Sky and All I Want is You or Stay on the b-stage ? They are only rotating the second song (Electric Co and Out of Control) in the first set and 2 songs on the e-stage. What a waste. Also they should bring back some original footage of the guys walking around Zabriskie point and the Joshua Tree rathert than that stupid Joshua Tree colour image that is currently being played on screen.
  20. How many times do we have to hear Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Will Follow, Vertigo, Pride and With or Without You ? All the diehard fans that have seen you play liveover 100 times would really love for you guys to change the setlist up each night. Boy Falls From The Sky ? Mercy ? Kite ? So Cruel. All I Want Is You NO TO ANGEL OF HARLEM, WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN. Play some older stuff or stuff that has never been played live before ACROBAT.
  21. STATIC SETLISTS PLAGUE THIS TOUR ALREADY Was Adam lying when he said each show will feel "completely different" with 2 completely different setlists ? Only 1 of the first 13 songs last night in San Jose changed ? Was this just a ploy to help sell slow ticket sales in the US ? How could they not play California ? in California is beyond me. We all know that U2 likes to play it safe and repeat the same setlist most nights as it takes them a long time to practice and "nail" the songs but this is a complete farce. Why are they still playing Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday and With or Without You ? This is not supposed to be a greatest hits tour ! Despite the fact that these are very easy songs to play live for them since they have played them over and over on every tour and don't need to be rehearsed. Why don't they play something new and exciting like Boy Falls From The Sky, Mercy, Lady With the Spinning Head. Play some new songs that have never been played live before in the US like God Part II, Heartland, Hawkmoon 269, Lemon, When I Look At The World. Use Zoo Station as an encore and use the big screen as a big TV and do the Bono kick maybe even bring back the George Bush rap as an intro.? Why stick with the same old stuff like Mysterious Ways and Real Thing ? You played this every show on 360 ? Bring back the fan favorites All I Want Is You and Kite, Wild Horses (Zoo TV Tour full band version), Mothers of the Disappeared, Love Is Blindness, So Cruel, Red Hill Mining Town and Acrobat (voted most requested song on u2.com by the fans that has apparently fallen on deaf ears) I guess they have just decided to play it safe and sell out and this is there way of trying to get new fans instead of playing for the loyal fans that go to more than a few shows per tour. Come on U2 Shake It Up ! Shake Shake Hey how about playing A Celebration ? Gotta Go Gotta Go....The Fly also ?
  22. I can trade 2 GA 7/31 for 2 GA 7/30
  23. I have a few extra hard copy tickets for 3 of the 4 Montreal Shows for cost price $117.50 Cdn each or $228 Cdn for a pair of 2. Some friends can't make it. Please PM me if interested. Friday June 12th (Montreal 1) Sec 107 Row FF - First Row in the section (3 tickets available) Sec 107 Row A (1 ticket) Tuesday June 16th (Montreal 3) Sec. 119 Row A (2 tickets) Sec. 107 Row FF (1 ticket) Wednesday June 17th (Montreal 4) Sec. 107 Row FF (2 tickets) Sec. 119 Row A (2 tickets)
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