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  1. I have been a member of the U2 fan club from Day 1, since the first issue of Propaganda magazine. Long before there were even ticket presales. I think u2.com needs to recognize the Propaganda members after this last presale fiascal and give them Priority access for any future presales. They should establish a "Legacy members" group and have all the propaganda members be put into that category and give them a 1 hour advance window to purchase tickets before anyone else and even increase the ticket limit from 2 tickets to 4 or even 6 as a reward for not having a lapse in there subscription for 3
  2. Toronto hasn't sold out yet because U2 is charging $300 for the first 11 rows in the Upper Level. There are 18 Rows total in the upper level 300 section at the Air Canada Centre. If U2 weren't so greedy and had made the Upper Level tickets $110.00 instead of $300 they would have sold out both shows and added another 2 shows. Greed is running the U2 show now a U2 Tour is just a licence to print money for them.
  3. It's a disgrace. The Air Canada Centre still has plenty of seats available in the 300 Level for $300.00. It's U2's loss though for being greedy. If they would have made the upper level seats $110.00 they would have sold out both shows and probobaly added 2 more shows. Again the price for being greedy. Nobody is going to pay $300 for Upper Level at the ACC. It looks like after Row 11 the price goes down to $110.00. There are 18 Rows total in the Upper Level 300 level at the Air Canada Centre so 11 out of the 18 Rows are $300 seats. Pretty sad.
  4. Look at the San Jose shows on ticketmaster. More than half of the seats are up for re-sale. So much for u2 not wanting the scalpers to get their tickets. It's the real fans get screwed this time because ticketmaster cancels your orders even when you have valid codes !!!
  5. So my presale code and tickets got cancelled because I ordered 2 tickets with my presale code on my credit card and 2 tickets for my sister with her presale code on my same credit card. U2.com won't reset or give me a new code so I'm screwed for tickets. Then I look at all the tickets being bought and then put up for resale on ticketmaster.com is a day I thought I would never see. Half of the San Jose tickets are red indicaiting resale tickets. Shame on U2.com and shame on U2 and there management team for allowing ticketsmaster to promote ticket scalping.
  6. Is U2 really worth all the BS when it comes to pre-sales ?
  7. The only way to get back at U2 for this insane idea to not include Breathe is to not buy the DVD. Any of the formats. If you really need to watch it just download it. I'm sorry to have to say this but we need to send a clear message to U2 that the cannot just take their dedicated and loyal fans for granted. There is no reason to have more than 1 version. Just have 1 completed deluxe version for a price of $19.99 U.S.
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