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  1. Hello from Wales! I don't know how this works anymore haha Formally know as sandraxxxcraig and jt/AB was defo my era :/
  2. I'm a stranger in a strange land ... it seems! Formally known as sandraxxx craig :/
  3. you owe your mrs "bigtime" mac!! awesome photos!
  4. joshthetree wrote: sandraxxxcraig wrote: WOW! you are very lucky!! saw it freeview by pressingthe remote red button, probably a better view. i would have gone if .com had told us it was happening i thought you were there! i watched it live online - very exciting! are you in ireland?
  5. ..... you just missed U2 live on top of the radio building! awesome! press the interactive if you have the strength when you get home!!
  6. badgirl56 wrote: live now from Dublin airport!!!!!!!!!.Mary Dawn and Liz!.......yooohoooo!..;-);-)...... you should be in london!! hope you have had a great time xx
  7. interu2005 wrote: uops Just in the UK? dont worry i'm sure it will be on youtube soon x a radio interviewer has podted some pics here ... http://twitter.com/domisatwit
  8. ........now available to watch via the red button on digital tv in the UK!
  9. didnt see this thread and started one in general! + beautiful day
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/musicevents/u2/
  11. hiya you lot!! nice to see you are still here ........ or there!! i'm dizzy!!
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