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  1. I'll look into this and see what I can do. Thanks again! U2U2U2!!!!!!
  2. It allowed you change delivery method after the transaction was complete?
  3. I consider myself lucky. Used the Ticketmaster app and was done in 7min. I got 2 GA Tix to the chicago show. Now I have a dumb question. These are etickets on my phone - in the TM app. I'm terrified about even closing the app, never mind finding the tickets again. Does the TM app store them? I'm still shaking..... hate ticket sales so much, but again, very lucky.
  4. Has anyone else had a problem at the Fan Validation page? I successfully linked ticketmaster, but even after renewing subscription (which actually was not expiring until april), I still do not have the subscription line unlocked. As a result, I still have the red incomplete message. Any suggestions?
  5. I think I'm done playing with this mess. Getting 2 tickets to Chicago took 50 minutes of playing the robot square game and then timing out on purchases, U2ie in Chicago TIckemaster flipped the layout and what should have been perfect seats at the end of the satellite stage turned out to be behind the main stage, and now this. What a waste of time. I think I'll have better luck just going to the ticket office in Minneapolis next time I'm up there. That way I won't have to give more money to TM. LOVE LOVE LOVE U2. HATE HATE HATE TM
  6. I really want Minneapolis, but just to test I tried Indianapolis, and while it showed regular seating available it told me my code was incorrect. TM just has problems everywhere. I'm in Red Hill group and I pasted the code straight from my U2 email
  7. Thank for the assistance, but I'm still getting VIP packages only.
  8. At least we are all in the same boat together. It doesn't seem like anyone is getting any tickets in the cities that are having problems.
  9. when i enter my presale code for Minneapolis and click on red hill mining group, i am only given vip ticket options
  10. i was having the same problem, and had to do the robot check multiple times while using Chrome. When I switched to Safari, I got right in and secured very good seats for Chicago.
  11. Thank you so much for your help!!
  12. Does anyone know if the 9AM sell time posted for the presale is Eastern, Central, or Pacific time? I'm guessing we will all have access at the same time, but for which time zone should we set our clocks?
  13. I'm guessing that these codes are just for the Joshua Tree tour and that new codes would be issued if Song of Experienced followed soon after. All the pre-sale codes start with "JT" = Joshua Tree.
  14. As a Propoganda-current fan club member and pre-sale buyer, I too was extremely disappointed upon entering the United Center Thursday night. When we bought these tickets the map indicated the main stage would be at the opposite end. We believed we would be at the end of the catwalk or near a satellite stage, should there be one. My ticket came by mail, and had no notice of obstructed view. From section 116 we had a good view of Bono's very fine backside, Larry's back muscles and little else. If you are on that end of the arena be prepared to see his face on screen or from a distance only. . The guys don't even come up along the backstage ramp for more than a breeze by. Too late for us now, but I hope people with tix back there for upcoming shows can take some action and be given better seats. http://live-sun-times-entertainment.gotpantheon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/U2-Screen-Shot-2015-06-17-at-4.57.21-PM.png I found this article from the June 17th edition of the Chicago Sun Times showing just what we saw/bought, and what we got. I love U2 more than anything, but I hated these seats. The crowd and band were great, bad there's no sugar-coating it, we got screwed and it sucks.
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