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  1. I totally forgot about that. So i take it that it never appeared?
  2. Amazing gig Friday. Refreshing change not to hear the big songs from the JT tour & being a little AB heavy. I don't understand people that go to shows complaining about Bono preaching. You have to live under a rock not to know this. Use it as a loo/bar break.
  3. Went Friday night and was blown away, even better than I&E. My first time on the rail for u2 as well. Loved every minute!
  4. No no red zone and no GA either.
  5. Was there any rz tickets in the album pre sale this morning?
  6. There is no way for them to check, and tbh i don't think they would try to anyway.
  7. Is she going direct through the u2.com tour page?
  8. You could but you will of probably of done that with the ticket code. I guess it’s how fast you can type, plus it depends if you have to do it on your mobile like I had to do.
  9. There is but also the possibility of a balls up with the ticket stress!
  10. Yes, Eventim and make an account. Couldn't see anywhere to store payment but you can use paypal as that should be slightly quicker than putting all your payment info in?
  11. That was the fastest pre sale that i’ve done! Manchester here I come!
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