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  1. Ooh, what a great gift! Can't find where i can resub on my profile though...
  2. I totally forgot about that. So i take it that it never appeared?
  3. Amazing gig Friday. Refreshing change not to hear the big songs from the JT tour & being a little AB heavy. I don't understand people that go to shows complaining about Bono preaching. You have to live under a rock not to know this. Use it as a loo/bar break.
  4. Went Friday night and was blown away, even better than I&E. My first time on the rail for u2 as well. Loved every minute!
  5. Picked mine up yesterday and the paper sleeves are split and are creased where they have been shoved into the card sleeves. Really annoyed and disappointed. I did not pay my subs and wait for a year for this. Is there a particular email address where i can send pics and ask for another set?
  6. Sounds like you are one of the ones whose vinyl will be sent out sometime in February.
  7. If that is true, i would appreciate them just being honest and could understand why they would want the best quality sent out. Again, if they underestimated the amount that needed pressing, just be bloody honest. The end result will be the same so just be truthful as to why there is a problem.
  8. I actually got a reply from u2.com, and i will be getting mine after Feb.
  9. Can you look in your account to see when you redeemed yours? Trying to figure out a rough a idea of a date of the first lot of redeemers will be.
  10. It sounds a bit early to of been able to redeem the singles but i could be wrong? Does anyone remember when the reddem button went live?
  11. Look through order history, look for joshua tree singles collection on it's own, nothing else. The resubscription order will have 2017 gift,standard renewal etc. and that not the right order status to look in.
  12. Utter lack of organisation & communication baffles me for a company as big as LN when they can organise logistics for massive tours.....
  13. Thanks for your response, you can look for your redeem date in order history as it has a separate date from resubscription. I resubbed 31st Jan 17, my separate date for the singles was Oct 26th.Giving me that date might help as to if my singles are on their way or not. Thanks.
  14. Pretty damn sure we didn't need to do that unless they introduced that at a later date because i didn't need to do that and my prints came.
  15. Can you tell me when you resubscribed/redeemed for the 2017 gift and did you get an email notification saying it has been sent out? Did you order history say it had been sent out? Where in the world do you live? Thanks.
  16. No no red zone and no GA either.
  17. Was there any rz tickets in the album pre sale this morning?
  18. They are apparently pressing up more for sending out in Feb. People have been getting theirs without notification of shipping though.
  19. There is no way for them to check, and tbh i don't think they would try to anyway.
  20. Is she going direct through the u2.com tour page?
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