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  1. I will be at the Monday event... Hope to see many zootops there!
  2. I agree, with both SOI and SOE I am set for a while. I have been listening to both albums end to end recently and they are both great and listen well together...
  3. I love wild horses! It would be great if they kept it in the set list!!
  4. As for tickets - looks like now just single seats left. So I may have missed the opportunity to hit the second night - but will be watching to see what pops up!
  5. Ha! I was at three shows in Montreal on IE tour (First was GA, second was seats and third was seats with my kids along too!). I have been to most U2 shows in Montreal since Zoo TV tour and it really is a wonderful city to see them in! Mostly GA, but seats as well. And yes, I agree nothing like GA. I am really looking forward to seeing this tour.
  6. Thank you for the heads up! I will be checking regularly to see if any night 2 GA pop up, I would love to make it to both days - might jump on a cheap seat - but hoping to grab GA.
  7. Another show would be great! I did not get tickets for the second show (did not want the expensive seats) - but I do have GA for the first night. Hope they do! Although I feel like they would have added it already if they were going to.
  8. We didn't find out the gender of either of our kids before they were born so that we would be surprised at birth...best decision ever.... but a U2 show - well I know I would not be able to resist!! I could say I won't read/watch/periscope anything, but I know that I won't make it until Montreal in June. One benefit of watching some footage is it helps me decide where to head for when I go in with GA tickets. knowing the stage set up and where they perform most/certain songs/etc... helps me choose the right spot.
  9. I agree this is a great album. there are so many songs on it that I really like, even from the first listening. I did enjoy SOI, but this one I do like better. I think the concert will be great. Although right now I am only scheduled for one show, which usually I try to get to more - but things didn't work out this go around. It's going to be AWESOME.
  10. Well...nevermind! I just saw it there! Fabulous Setlist!
  11. Must have Streets - I love the original post, but I would hate to go to a show without Streets in the lineup.
  12. When I had posted this there was only one show announced for each location, since then several new shows were added. I am guessing the ones out there now are all there will be for this leg.
  13. Great write up. As far as the prices go, maybe not. If they can sell say 50% of the seats at these crazy high prices, then lower the price some over the next five months before the show (maybe even have a couple price reductions throughout the five months), they may make out better than if they just started out at the lower end prices. I am guessing once there is a price drop, people will go back and buy the tickets (and I am sure it will piss off some fans that already paid the higher price). I can't imagine a U2 show not selling out. As the price drops, I think they will all sell out.
  14. Same here - through Evenko and got my email (now just waiting for the CD)
  15. I have also been experiencing the skips. I'm on a work connection, which is fast, so would be surprised if it is a buffering issue.
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