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  1. Row 2 on 17-H seems like a pretty good seats to me. You may be closer if you choose GA but you will have to wait in line and be stand up all the time. However if you have never experienced GA before you should give it a try. It's something a fan should live at least once! Doesn't matter what time you arrive to GA you will be closer to the stage than 17-H seats.
  2. You can call it whatever you want. OP was complaining about people cutting in the line. I'm sorry that your friends had a bad time because a faulty cc scanner but that sounds like an isolated incident. Relax, you shouldn't be so rude to other members who wasn't even talking to you in the first place.
  3. $84.10 with service fee, 70 without it. Sold out for May 20.
  4. They have use this CC method before in several venues in IE Tour and nothing bad happened, nobody cutting in line. It was easy and painfree. Relax and enjoy the concert!
  5. Those are Fake tickets http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/34269-credit-card-entry/#entry1061877
  6. Yes! I saw that, good thing he didn´t fell. I think i have a video, let me look for it.
  7. That´s so messed up! I hope they don´t do this anymore. It´s a mistake to think the have priority access to GA only because they "paid more". There are two different zones! And the "logic" in the price of the RZ ticket is not priority access, is supporting RED campaign.
  8. If I was stuck behind someone doing that, I'd probably knock it out of their hands! I have thought about it, but doing that would probably start a fight an get me kick out from the concert. It´s a dilema
  9. And what about the geniouses that uses an iPad to record the ENTIRE show!
  10. Thanks Baja! So it appears it´s going to be a surprise until they open the doors and start scanning!
  11. Hi! I've read that in Vancouver they were not given a choice of side to enter. Apparently their ticket said North or South and security guided them there. I've checked and rechecked my Ticketmaster Order and only says "U2.com Subscriber Presale Section GA". There is no North or South or East or West or whatever side. Anyone has any idea how is going to work the GA on LA?
  12. Nothing. That is their standard alert that things won't ship/be available for download immediately. Big shows always do that to reduce the ability of scalpers to turn tickets around quickly... if they delay how long they have to wait before being able to resell, some aren't as interested. Thanks! So all i need to do is go to the concert an swipe the credit card i used to buy them to enter! Great!
  13. Luckily I was able to buy my tickets for Los Angeles concert without any problems and in less than three minutes, but in the summary of my purchase appears an IMPORTANT ALERT I do not understand : "There is a delivery delay on This event Please check . the Event Detail Page for information on When the delay will be Lifted . Once the delay has-been Lifted , your tickets will be available via your selected delivery method . " What does it mean?
  14. Are they doing that, or just changing the set list every night? I 've only read rumors about it in interviews with The Edge and some forums and websites I 've only read rumors about it in interviews with The Edge and some forums and websites I 've only read rumors about it in interviews with The Edge and some forums and websites It would be an acoustic show one day and a rock show the other. No way of knowing which one is what.
  15. Exactly my point of view . How to tell if you are buying tickets for the "acoustic" show or rock show? I hope this could be published clearly with anticipation. Moreover, only 2 tickets per membership? Very few don´t you think?
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