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  1. Ha ha! That's how we did it before streaming, kids. Ruby rang me at all hours whenever they played Bad. Many late nights lying in bed half-asleep as I drifted along to that one.
  2. Agree on the (lack of) value for VIP party package. And the lousy locations for VIP seating on this tour in general. I was actually planning to do Silver for Singapore just to get the book until I saw the prices. No way! Unfortunately, I'd already booked tickets for my other shows so now can't do the package at all. I'm consoling myself with a suspicion the book will be pretty much the same as the 2017 tour, which I already have. I've always thought the party package was a giant rip-off, further reinforced by friends' experiences. If they GUARANTEED a on/backstage tour, I'd be more likely to consider it (not at the Singapore price, though). The only time I ever paid top price for a VIP package was for Peter Gabriel's So 30th anniversary tour. But it was in an arena, was only $500, and it included front row center section ticket (I was 2 seats off dead center), entrance to sound check (which was worth the price alone), and the usual crappy buffet food, cheap beer or wine, etc. That would have been worthwhile at twice the price for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's my gold standard for measuring the value of any VIP offerings. 😉
  3. Just clicked through the link on the Tours page for Dec 1, and found VIP Party Experience tickets in section 113 are open for sale without a code. Just an FYI for folks who are interested in that section. Nothing else open, yet. I wonder if this is because Live Nation has realized most fan club members likely aren't in the market for that price level?
  4. That's my thinking. Also a higher chance of cat2 being obstructed by FOH and light/relay towers (based on my experience with an obstructed silver VIP seat in NJ in 2017). Just hoping we really will be close, and it's not like Brussels where all seats were very far away. The only bonus for that one was that I had sprained my ankle the day before, so distance meant the crowd was mellow enough that I didn't have to stand the whole time. Normally not a bonus for a U2 show, but worked for me that time. LOL!
  5. Did anyone here try for tickets during Singapore 1 general sale? Just changed my flight so I can go to Singapore 2, but already used up my allocation. Wondering how hard it is to get through during general sale. I'm only buying 1 seat, and am ok with cat 1 (not VIP, though, those prices are too outrageous for me).
  6. BTW, for those doing cat 1 seats, those little slivers in front of the VIP party sections are separate from the rear areas - click those slivers if you want to be close to field.
  7. Got my Singapore ticket! Easiest purchase experience of all the presales! Love that they show your seat location on the section map prior to purchase. Front row, aisle directly opposite b-stage!
  8. Yep! Got an email from them a few minutes ago. Perhaps another leak, but looks pretty legit. SO EXCITED!!
  9. After grabbing my Auckland 2 ticket, went to email to look for the confirmation....and found an email from live nation.sg with details of Singapore on November 30! Red Hill presale on Monday.
  10. Happened to me in St Louis on the EI tour. Paid for silver VIP (great seat), but the couple next to me bought their tickets 2 days earlier and paid half the price. Sure, they didn't get the VIP gift book, but still. If I weren't traveling so far for this and didn't have to worry about getting seats together with other people, I would be more willing to just chance it. Guarantee the next time they do a stadium tour in the US, I'm going to wait for dynamic pricing to kick in for all but opening night. It would be nice if they'd offer long-term fan club members lower prices to start. Especially if they haven't toured in a few years. Make it worth paying to keep yourself active during down years.
  11. I fully expect there will be price drops for top pricing tiers. Can't imagine that many people are going to pay that kind of money to actually sell all the tickets in the first go. My first try at cat1 Adelaide was 3rd tier! Later pulled lower level but half a field from the stage. My cat3 ticket is only 2 sections further away - at that point it's worth the saving for essentially the same view. If I were buying a single ticket, I might wait it out for 2nd shows, but there will be 3 of us sitting together, so will just secure good cat3. You're right about pricing distribution - very much like North America and Europe. I bought very few cat1 for those, too!
  12. Thanks for the advice. Will try for cat3. GA is the least preferred option, but also not yet completely out of the question. I did check cat5 in Adelaide during the LN presale, and yes, it was pretty awful. Assume Melbourne will be the same.
  13. That was me after the Red Hill presale. Had an uncontrollable urge to obsessively check Ticketmaster and all the forums for tickets for nearly a day. Made it next to impossible to work. Agree with others about how smoothly things went overall. I did have some bother for Auckland, but it all worked out. Maybe TM could learn some lessons for North American and European presales in the future.
  14. I am so ridiculously excited to see quokkas on Rottnest Island! Possibly more than U2...or at least as much. 😃
  15. Not at all familiar with any of the venues on this tour, but my Melbourne friend is considering cat 5 (cheapest) tickets. Does anyone know where those seats will be located? And is the view completely horrendous? It's a huge step up to cat3, which is her max spend, so if there's not much difference in view, then will try cat 5 first.
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