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  1. I don´t think it will be selftitled. I hope there is a message in the title, so as ATYCLB, but please this time short
  2. A good connection to the subscriber gift :-) How about "BEGIN AGAIN"
  3. When I just read the ( little funny ) suggestion "back to the future" I had the idea, that maybe TIME is a great Issue for the album, the tour, and maybe also the artwork. There is a connection to the countdown clock to the 360 tour, to "what time is it in the world", etc. And now looking back to see forward, thats all has to do with time, getting older and wiser, being able to understand the view from a fathers postion, and so on. So really, "back to the future" is maybe not far away...even Get On Your Boots said "Future needs a big kiss".... So kiss the future, f*** the past :-
  4. Insecurity was mentioned by Bono few days ago (and he said, this will be for certain NOT the real title), Manhattan was a rumour mid to late 2013...
  5. Edge said yesterday in that BBC2 radio interview: "The final working title is starting to get to the point where it's sticking, so hopefully very soon we can announce that." What will be your favorite title of the new album? My suggestion, just a little joke: "Kraut and Kraft" (Krautrock meets Kraftwerk, to get involved the german influence - again) Maybe they will announce it at the Fallon Show? Cheers, Wolfgang
  6. I mean, there´s only one single article in the internet, and everybody takes this "June" for sure. How come? u2.com doesn´t mention this release-issue, but all the twitters, facebooks and other web-stories now say "album out in June". Funny times. I still think there will be an album-announcement at the superbowl advertisment. We will hear "invisisble" with exclusive download at the new beats-store of this song, and the forthcoming album called "???" out on 03/31/2014.
  7. Thanks! I don´t like it, when storys are forgotten or get lost in space....Now here is the settlement - I wonder, how much money did she get...?1?
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