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  1. I got a further response from the Support team, who advised I can't renew 1 year ahead. So now I have to email them back to ask if I'll still get the 2016 gift, even though I can't officially renew till next year.
  2. 2017???? I'm January 2017 too........Long story short, I had issues renewing in December 2004 (along with many others) & an extension was given to mid March 2005, when the tickets were going on sale for that tour. Still unable to renew with tickets going on sale 3 days later & panicking over my sub status, I contacted Principle Management (Cecilia was very professional & efficient), who reported the issue but extended me to December 2005 so I could take part in the pre-sale with my correct sub status. I was told I would still have to pay once the renewal issue was fixed, so I wo
  3. You can almost guarantee the site will crash!! Given it's now weekend, I doubt we'll hear anything till Monday at the earliest (I assume those in charge don't work weekends & keep to normal business hours ie: Monday - Friday).
  4. Q - How Many Tickets Can I buy? A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to TWO tickets across the tour. You can split this up across two shows or just use for a single show. So reading the latest FAQ's, it says you can split the 2 tickets over 2 shows. There's nothing to say this can't be done in Europe. Is this deffo correct as I was planning 1 x Glasgow night 1 & 1 x Glasgow night 2. Oh & still no code yet - bites nails
  5. 11.30pm, no code yet.............needs sleep - yawn zzzzzz
  6. I've never had emails for years despite reporting it. Happened after a site upgrade one year. It'll be on the tour page soon enough.
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