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  1. The Rogers Centre just tweeted that The Lumineers are due on at 7 and it'll be 830 for U2. Let the countdown begin
  2. Hey everyone, I'm so excited for this show. Long term fan and I'm bringing my 5 year old with me for his first U2 concert (well second as I was pregnant with him at the 2011 concert in Toronto ). We're GA and I want to head in with him after the Lumineers have played their set. What sort of time are U2 expected to hit the stage tonight? I'll admit I haven't followed any of the previous concerts for this tour as I want it the setlist outside of JT to be a surprise for me. Roll on 3pm when I finish work and we can make our way down to T.O.
  3. Sending you a gentle get well cwtch from a Welsh fan in Canada. Take it easy and don't rush back on our account . Your health is more important to us and we'll be ready when you are 100% better. Much love xxx
  4. Yep - I just got this email too. Was pretty sure it was a f*ck up as I renewed early in Oct and my sub runs till 2 March 2011. Received AH a few weeks ago too. Thought I'd come on here anyway just to check. Panic over.
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