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  1. Check to see if tickets are actually being sold by Ticketmaster or by a "partner site." I had everything set up in my TM account, and then it linked to something called AXS where I had to create a brand new account from scratch during the ticketing process. This was for Georgia, so check to see who is actually selling the tickets for your particular show. It might not be TM.
  2. Ha! That's hilarious. I've had good luck with the people, but I see what you mean. I had GA for iNNOCENCE and it was fine. There was even a little room to move around, if you didn't need to be pressed up against the stage. Hoping this is the same.
  3. Yeah, I try to always go for GA to get the cheapest tickets, but I'm getting older, ha. I had seats for the Joshua Tree earlier this year, but I convinced the wife to go for GA on the floor this time.
  4. robfern maybe the limited view is just that from that section you won't really be able to see the screen? It looks like it will run lengthwise through the crowd, and that section will kind of be looking at the end of it, if that makes sense. Looks like you'll have a great view of the B stage, though.
  5. I was able to get GA tickets through AXS... I think. I was able to choose GA from two dropdowns on the AXS site and then proceed from there. I honestly don't know what Ticketmaster has to do with any of it, though, since I had to create a new account for AXS from scratch DURING the ticket process while the clock was counting down! Anyway, hopefully I got GA tickets, they emailed me a PDF.
  6. Same here. Had to register for a different site called AXS for the Georgia show. It was pretty stressful watching that clock count down with about 60 seconds to go and I'm trying to think of security question answers to create an account from scratch! And when I'd already updated everything on Ticketmaster. Then this new site just emails me a PDF of tickets that I'm supposed to print and bring to the door? How does that limit scalpers? Couldn't I just sell those paper tickets if I wanted? (not that I would)
  7. I have one GA ticket for sale - $90 (face value plus ticketmaster fees, and we'll round down to an even number). The only potential problem is I also have seats, so with the credit card entry, I will need to enter with my party at possibly a different gate from where GA enters. I'm not exactly sure how that is going to work, but if you want to meet us at the time of entry, we are planning to be there around 5 pm, I think, when gates open. Hit me up and we'll work it out. Thanks.
  8. It took me 45 minutes to get single GA tickets for each Chicago show. At first I got the internal error, then it said my wait time was 4 minutes, so then 20 minutes later I decided to try 2 different browsers. Google chrome got me the first night's ticket and worked well and went fast. But then when I tried for the second night, it got hung up too. So I went back to firefox and then after a couple tries, that worked. Oh and it took about 5 times for it to even recognize my presale code. I hate ticketmaster! The service fee was $11.40 per ticket.... and then they charged me another $6.50 processing fee! For what??!? So that they could boot me out of the system with internal errors, freeze up, and then not accept my code?!?
  9. Thanks, that's what I thought, but wasn't sure I understood correctly.
  10. Q - How Many Tickets Can I buy? A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to TWO tickets for any ONE show in Europe in a single transaction OR up to TWO tickets (in total) against up to two shows in North America. (This is because ticketing vending arrangements are different on the two continents. So this means in North America, I can not buy two tickets each for two separate shows, but only either two tickets for one show, or one ticket to one show and one ticket to a second show. Am I reading this correctly? So there is no way I can purchase both nights in one city via the pre-sale? Thanks.
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